Strategic Command WWII passe en version 1.11

En bref. Bonne nouvelle, une mise à jour conséquente est disponible depuis peu pour le très réussi troisième volet de la série Strategic Command. Patch dont vous trouverez la liste des changements ci-après, et qui en résumé corrige un bon nombre de bugs, et améliore de 30% la vitesse de l’IA. Cela en plus d’avoir éliminé des sortes d’embouteillages qui avaient lieu lors de la prise en compte des événements. Quoi qu’il en soit, voilà qui est de très bon augure pour la suite. Et vous pouvez si besoin de ce pas télécharger le fichier directement en suivant ce lien.

Notez aussi qu’est disponible gratuitement depuis octobre dernier déjà un DLC dit community pack, c’est à dire une sélection des meilleurs mods créés l’année dernière par la communauté des joueurs. Voyez cette fiche sur Steam pour de plus amples explications.

Pour plus d’informations sur Strategic Command WWII : War in Europe, voyez cette fiche chez l’éditeur ou celle-ci sur Steam, ainsi que notre test. Ou encore ce précédent court récit d’un début de partie Strategic Command – WWII in Europe : AAR Case White.


Strategic Command WWII: War in Europe version 1.11 available!


Hello Everyone
After many weeks of testing we are pleased to say that Strategic Command v1.11 is now available.
Whilst this includes a number of updates and fixes to the game and campaigns we would really like to draw your attention to the speed increases this offers thanks to the notable improvements Hubert has made to AI processing and Event handling
The full change list is listed below but 1.11 also includes fixes for ASW and subs diving, when friendly counties join you side and various other bugs and glitches.
We’d also like to draw your attention to the recap of the supply rule revisions made since the first major changes in v1.04 (listed below)

v1.11 is compatible with save games from v1.10 (and earlier versions back to 1.04)
v1.11 is a comprehensive update (so you don’t need to have previously installed v1.10 etc.)

Members Area:

And from the public area :

Or of course you can obtain it by ‘checking for update’ when starting the game

FULL v1.11 CHANGELIST – January 09, 2018
– EVENT processing speed bottlenecks now eliminated, at least 100X faster.
– AI speed improvement of 30%.
– Fixed a bug for when a capital moves to an alternate location, the Primary, Secondary and Industrial Center lists were not updated for the new location resulting in possible loss of Primary supply locations other locations for that country such as when Italy moves its capital to Venice.
– Fixed a sub diving bug that could still reveal its location in the FoW shroud if all the FoW shroud had been lifted all around the attacked sub.
– Fixed an introduced error that no longer properly handled TYPE=0 events that had triggers < 100%.
– Fixed an AI AMPHIBIOUS TRANSPORT error that led to a CTD.
– Fixed an AI friendly major controlled units error that had the AI moving units not under its control on your turn during the combat phase.
– Fixed an AI friendly major controlled units error that had the AI not place new friendly controlled minor country units from the production queue.
– Fixed a PBEM++ Lobby screen error that did not properly display an error message when there was an invalid connection to the server.
– Fixed a rare script event system error that inadvertently removed events when they should not be removed.
– Fixed a naval unit swap error that led to a CTD.
– Fixed a convoy path calculation error that would sometimes improperly calculate and determine a CONVOY to be invalid.
– Fixed a transfer of capital error, via SURRENDER_1 event, that had been transferring ownership of the previous capital hex to the opposing side, when the opposing side did not currently occupy that particular hex.
– Fixed an ASW research upgrade error that did not help to reduce the percentage chance that a sub may dive from an attack.
– Fixed a customized campaign graphics error that would not properly refresh when loading games or starting new campaigns from customized to default and vice versa. This was often noticeable when loading custom unit sprites.
– Fixed an AI error that had a friendly controlled major, controlled by the AI, upgrading your human controlled resources with Anti-Aircraft research upgrades.
– Fixed a swap unit error that had units swap and end up with higher entrenchment values than should be the maximum at their new positions. Now swapped units should properly gain the old entrenchment value of the previous unit in that position minus 1.
– Fixed a right click menu ‘Forced March’ implementation error.
– Fixed a reloaded saved turn error that would erroneously initiate beginning of turn POPUP and DECISION events. These should only happen at the beginning of a turn and before a save and possible reload.
– Fixed a rare resource supply calculation error for towns not connected by rail but also not cutoff from a friendly capital where they would reach a max occupational level value and then drop back down and then up again repeatedly.
– Fixed an AI air unit protective movement error that had the AI move air units prior to combat which could in theory alter the vulnerability of these air units if combat were to go in the AI favor.
– Fixed an AI paratroops combat error that led to a CTD.
– Fixed a spotting error for Maritime Bombers that allowed them to spot across water and then across land again with their naval spotting range, e.g. incorrectly across the English Channel and into England.
– Fixed a bug that had the wrong DECISION events display after selecting ‘View Map’ in the DECISION event information screen.
– If a unit has occupied a town/city adjacent to a port, but the port is occupied by a naval unit that is then subsequently destroyed by air power, the port will now switch to your control at the end of your turn.
– Weather information will now display in the lower right hand corner geo locator panel for resolutions < 1280 pixels wide.
– Friendly countries that reach 100% mobilization, and not from a declaration of war, will now only join at the end of your opponent’s turn, this way they can make their first moves on your turn.
– Friendly countries that reach 100% mobilization, and not from a declaration of war, will now have their normal supply and action points calculated when joining.
– Friendly countries that are set to join on specific historical dates, or near historical dates (e.g. Canada) with some variability via a WAR ENTRY script, may still join on either an Axis or Allied turn.
– Selectable units in the PURCHASE UNIT screen now increased to accomodate the Calm Before the Storm MOD.
– Optimized AI use of Cruisers when being used against Sub raiders, the AI will now check for its own appropriate ASW response levels prior to committing.

HQ supply rule recap and amendments since the first major changes introduced in v1.04 are as follows:
– HQ distribution supply has been changed to the following:
– HQ supply < 3 will have a distribution supply value of 5.
– HQ supply >= 3 and <= 5 will have a distribution supply value of 8.
– HQ supply > 5 will have a distribution supply value of 10.
– HQs can now only be linked if the first HQ has a supply value >= 3.
– the HQ to be linked must have a supply value < 5 and is now automatically boosted to a supply value of 5 which caps its distribution supply at 8.
this doesn’t change distribution supply for HQs that were at 3 or 4 supply, but will allow them to ‘operate’ and ‘upgrade’.
Previously linked HQs could have a maximum distribution supply level of 10.

– 1942 Campaign USA to now start with a chit invested in Advanced Tanks.
– 1943 Campaign USA to start at level 2 in Advanced Tanks rather than 1, as well as retaining the invested chit.
– POPUP #NAME= ALLIED AI: German Report On The Situation In Italy amended so that it will only fire if two Allied units are within 10 hexes of Rome, rather than 15 (pjg100).
– An Axis Declaration of War on Ireland will now trigger the US to swing towards the Allies (Leadwieght).
– An Allied Declaration of War on Algeria will now swing Vichy France by 20-35% towards the Axis, rather than the 30-45% it was previously swinging it (Mithrilloter).
– Partisan scripts – moved the scripts with the line Add Unit = 1 for #MAP_POSITION= 153,92 to higher in the file (KorutZelva).
– Added the condition that the USSR is neutral to the POP UP script entitled #NAME= ALLIED AI: German Report Giving Advice To Prepare For War Against The USSR in the 1939 and 1940 campaigns (Korut Zelva).
– Change MOBILIZATION_2 script #POPUP= Isolationists In The USA Call On US Units To Return To Home Waters, to be triggered not by hex 87,92 but by hex 130,97.
– Removed a check for Axis units in southern England from the CONDITION_POSITION triggers for DE 162.
– Surrender_2 scripts connected to DE 624 are now set to fire at any time from the beginning of the game when their conditions are met (Harrybanana; Taxman66).
– Selected Convoy Waypoints have been amended as follows: 86,137 -> 87,137; 220,137 -> 219,137; 104,137 -> 103,137; 102,137 -> 101,137; 104,131 -> 103,131; 102,131 -> 101,131
– Subs’ initial dive percentage increased from 20% to 40%.
– Destroyers’ starting Sub Attack value reduced from 2 to 1, and Light Cruisers reduced from 1 to 0.
– Fixed a Finnish HQ Guard error that had the Finnish HQ sit right next to Helsinki for the entire game now that we moved its starting position a little further back from the Soviet border.
– Fixed a German invasion of Poland that saw some of its forces break off towards less relevant targets such as Bialystok and Grodno.


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