Strategic Command WWII – World at War : bel effet de mods

En bref. Slitherine annonce que cinq intéressantes modifications ont été intégrées dans le dernier volet de la série Strategic Command. Mods apportant pour certains une variation des graphismes, et dans une moindre mesure, de l’interface, et pour d’autres se focalisant sur un aspect précis du conflit, par exemple les batailles navales ou la fin de la guerre. De quoi varier un peu plus le contenu de ce joli wargame conciliant entre autre rapidité à jouer et profondeur du gameplay.

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Strategic Command WWII: World at War Community Pack

Hi everybody,

Strategic Command WWII: World at War has received a tremendous update.

Five Mods have been integrated within the base game, for free. These mods change the look of the counters, add new historical scenarios and special mechanics. Kudos to all the creators for this fantastic job!

You can download the update from here

IRONX Graphics Mod, by Andrew Glenn

Iron Cross is a major graphic overhaul of the game’s 2-D counters and map tiles and also incorporates some interface changes. The mod replaces many of the standard NATO symbols with custom silhouettes of weapon platforms accurate to the era that change as research advances. Similarly, the map has been completely reworked to produce a more classic board wargame look. Various interface changes have also been made, some of which are designed to help players better understand some of the game’s rules in relation to headquarters, air units and the costs of certain moves. Iron Cross gives the game a completely new look and feel while at the same time leaving the original gameplay unchanged.

High Res Counter Mod, by Christophe SIPRES

Alternative 2D Counters with upgrades display for all Majors and Minors
Historical colorized silhouettes for Vehicles, Aircrafts, Navies, Artillery’s
historical colorized portraits for Infantry’s units
Counters shaped system for better map identification
All ground units are squared shaped (HQ round corners shaped)
All air units are circle shaped
All naval units are hexagon shaped

1944 Triumph and Tragedy, by Robert Carver

This mod covers the global war from June 1944 onwards. The Allies are on the offensive in almost every theater. In the Philippine Sea the US Navy is facing the remnants of the Japanese fleet attempting to intervene in the American invasion of the Marianas. Elsewhere in the Pacific General MacArthur and the Allies are clearing New Guinea; and in Burma the Japanese attack on Kohima is falling apart, with the Indian Army poised for a decisive counter-attack. It is only in China that the Japanese are in a position to make some advances, but a Decision Event can reinforce the Japanese in China or alter this so more forces are sent to face the Americans in the Pacific. In Europe the second front has arrived.

1941 Rostov, by Robert Carver

This mod covers the German attack across the Dnieper and Donets rivers towards Rostov in the fall of 1941. The attack on Rostov is ordered by Berlin despite Army Group South’s depleted resources. In fact, additional German forces are diverted south into the Crimea. The Germans managed to occupy Rostov for a short while before a determined Russian counter-attack forced them to withdraw. In the mod you will notice the Russians start with a single defensive line the length of the map. The Russian units are many, but their quality is much lower than the Germans, however the Russians are reinforcing continually throughout the course of the game. The Germans are limited in numbers, receive few reinforcements, but are superior in experience and technology. The objective is Rostov, so while the map is large with many tempting targets, it is this one city that will determine victory.

Naval War Mod, by Harry Kellog

This is a Modification of the Strategic Command Three World at War naval combat system. It attempts to enhance the naval combat portion of this fine simulation. The biggest changes are “Naval Zones of Control”, “Task Force” centered operations and “Naval Defensive Evasion”. The intent is to reduce the number of “hit and run” attacks, give a greater role for Screening Forces and deliver an enhanced historical experience.


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