Sudden Strike 4 – The Pacific War : trailer

Une quatrième extension vient d’arriver pour le quatrième volet de la série Sudden Strike, DLC emmenant cette fois les joueurs en plein coeur de l’Asie du sud-est via deux campagnes totalisant dix missions. Le tout avec de nombreux nouveaux véhicules et différentes fonctionnalités supplémentaires, pour gérer par exemple les lance-flammes.

Pour plus d’informations sur Sudden Strike 4 – The Pacific War, voyez le communiqué suivant ainsi que cette fiche sur Steam ou celle-ci chez l’éditeur.



Dominate the Land, Sea and Skies of the Pacific War

New Sudden Strike 4 DLC adds new generals, missions and vehicles

Kalypso Media’s hit World War II real time tactics game, Sudden Strike 4, rages into the Pacific with The Pacific War DLC pack, available now for PC, Linux, Mac, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One.

Along with introducing a new theatre of the conflict, The Pacific War DLC features ten missions set across two campaigns. Players will have access six new commanders including the Imperial Japanese Army’s Admiral Soemu Toyoda, the Southern Expeditionary Army Group’s Hisaichi, Legendary five-star US general Douglas MacArthur and Chief of Staff Richard J. Marshall. Also included in The Pacific War DLC are 51 new vehicles, including amphibious vehicles for land and sea combat, massive controllable aircraft carriers to rule the skies, advanced air combat planes for vicious dog fights and devastating flamethrowers to eliminate ground combatants in spectacular fashion. A new gameplay trailer is available showing the DLC in action.

In addition, free update 1.15 has also been released today for the main game, which introduces three new bonus missions completely free of charge. Read the full PC and console changelogs for all the details.

The new free bonus missions update (version 1.15) has been released!

The new free content update 1.15 will be rolled out today and adds three new story-oriented bonus missions to the game.
These missions focus on telling heroic stories, while bending some of the rules you’ve previously become accustomed to.

After the update has been applied to your game, you can access the new missions from the main menu.

Three new bonus missions

– The Three Musketeers
Lead a Ranger squad to destroy a German High Command building, which will result in a great disruption of the German chain of command and allows you to plan an imminent landing operation.
– Behind Enemy Lines
After a rough landing in enemy territory, your goal is to get your men back to the main Allied forces in one piece. Tactical planing, stealth action and patience is the key in this mission as you look for opportunities to bring your men back safely.
– Desert Raid
Lead a squad of commandos from the infamous Long Range Desert Group, steal vehicles and wreak havoc on the enemy deep behind the Italian front lines in Africa. Consider your moves well, if you want to survive.