Terraformers : fin de la bêta

Pour qui rêverait, pourquoi pas, dans un avenir lointain de repeindre en vert et bleu la planète rouge, voilà probablement une récente sortie intéressante pour s’y essayer. A savoir que ce jeu se consacrant pleinement à la terraformation de Mars vient de finir la semaine dernière sa phase Accès anticipé / bêta, et après de nombreux ajustements et ajouts divers, voyez par exemple le dernier changelog ci-après, est désormais disponible en version 1.0.

Pour plus d’informations sur Terraformers, voyez le site officiel et cette fiche sur Steam. La fiche de Terraformers – First steps on Mars, le prologue gratuit, une sorte de démo si vous préférez, se trouve ici sur Steam.




Greetings, Martians!

After much anticipation, the day has finally arrived…


We are thrilled about this release and incredibly grateful for your continuous support! Now is the time to enjoy all the exciting features that Terraformers has to offer, including the new content listed below!


Full patch notes:

New stuff:

Moon cities, they are discovered through an event and then you have to complete the space project to access them.
An indication of how big the chance of an expectation rise is added above your support.
Can undo all action in a turn if they did not “reveal” new information (like exploring or getting new projects proposed).
When exploring you can hover on another exploration mode and after a short time it will display the alternative cost it would take with that other action.
Localized map and city-name generation.
Mineable asteroids (through events).
Apocalyptic asteroid event.
Added achievements (62 of them).
Added Steam trading cards.
“New game” flow and multiple save slots.
Expectation forecasting feature (on the support UI widget).
New “weekly challenge” game mode.
Improved balance of luck and randomness.
Many new exploration skills for more variety.
36 new buildings / space projects / technologies, 5 new events, 2 new leaders.
Player named characters on the map.
Removed that cities that own a coastal location have +1 comfort of living.
Improved camera transition of cities.
Added building construction animation.
Fixed a bug with space projects triggering their progress too many times.
Added city slot highlights for valid construction slots.
Added a leader retirement counter.
Added Japanese and Korean translations.
Removed a “not enough resource” tooltip sometimes wrongly appearing when founding .a new city.
Tutorial flow polish and improvements.
New desktop game icon.
Made that a terraforming event will take place before the win/loss check to avoid unwanted loss.
The landmark sidebar will have a clearer indication of which options are available.
An icon will be displayed on the map when a landmark can be upgraded.
Added display of spaceport bonus on the map.
Added animation for some actions which were not clear they had taken place.
Added victory music when solving a crisis event.
Added multiple colors for the support change per turn to better indicate the risk associated.
Added a landmark highlight on the map when selected.
Added auto-selection of the language based on the language of the current system.
Removed the excessive warning popup on new games.
Lots of performance optimization.
Lots of small polish and improvements.
Fixed many small bugs.

Difficulty changes:

Lowered the difficulty in the first few scenarios.
Increased the expectations level of the Red Path scenario by 1 (so it is the same as in all other scenarios).
Increased the terraforming requirements of the Blue Path a little.

Content balance changes:


Load Balancing station now produces 1 power per 3 mines owned by the city. It costs 9 silicates.
Changed cost of School from 4 science and 10 food to 4 science and 10 silicates.
Changed the “CO2 imports” skill from Henry from 4 heat and 4 atmosphere to 3 heat, 3 atmosphere and 5 support.
Reduced cost of Orbital Solar panels from 14 silicates and 10 tritium to 14 silicates and 9 tritium.
Increased cost of Aerogel Manufacturer from 5 silicates and 5 tritium to 7 silicates and 5 tritium.


Increased science requirement for 1 extra science income of Self-Learning AI from 4 to 5.
Changed support gain per sold project from Reverse-Engineering technology from 15 to 10. Decreased the science cost to develop the technology from 20 to 15.
Increased the cost of Urban Planning technology from 20 to 25 science.
Increased the cost of Lightweight Hull Structures from 15 to 20 science.
Increased cost of Open Science Database from 10 to 15 science.


Lowered prestige of Temperate rainforest from 13 to 12.
Lowered prestige of Boreal rainforest from 20 to 18.
Lowered prestige of Palm trees from 36 to 32.
Lowered prestige of Temperate rainforest from 36 to 32.


Changed specialization of Pekai, now it gives 2 support income per new city you found instead of 25 support stock.
Changed the skill of Dejah, now the space hotels project she creates costs 10 titanium and 0 food instead of 6 titanium and 3 food.


Derniers tests