The Ancient Beasts, nouveau DLC pour Talisman

La deuxième extension exclusive à l’édition digitale de Talisman est déchaînée. Au menu, des sorciers détruisant les terres sacrées tandis que des béhémoths et autres titans se réveillent, et vont faire passer au second plan l’enjeu de la quête de la couronne. Le tout se traduisant en jeu par deux nouveaux types de personnages, le Spécialiste et le Chasseur de trophées, deux fins alternatives, quelques nouveaux mécanismes et de nombreuses cartes supplémentaires à piocher.

Pour plus d’informations sur Talisman – The Ancient Beasts, voyez cette fiche sur Steam Pour plus d’informations sur le jeu de base, voyez sur le site de Nomad Games. Ou encore cette page pour l’édition française. Ce pack d’extension est aussi disponible en tant qu’achat in-app via Google Play et via iTunes pour les versions Android et iOS du jeu.



The Ancient Beasts – OUT NOW!

Hello all,

The Guardians of the land begin to rise…

The land of Talisman has suffered at the hands of man. Wizards and witches have scorched the earth, warriors and combatants have left blood and bodies across every available space, heroes and adventurers have given little regard to sacred soil that exists beneath their feet.

Now, something is stirring… The quest for the Crown is no longer the main concern of heroes when the long dormant behemoths and titans of Talisman finally wake from their slumber….

Today marks the release of the second digitally exclusive expansion created by Nomad Games!

With The Ancient Beasts comes a new layer of strategy to add to your adventure. No longer can the biggest Troll simply take whatever he wants. No longer can the strongest Witch simply cast her way to the Crown. The Guardians of the land are constantly moving obstacles to overcome. Some Beasts will hunt you down. Some Beasts will hunt each other. Some Beasts really don’t care that anything else is around them.

Among Sentinels, Portals, Enemies, Strangers, and other players… Now something new stands between you and the Crown of Command.

The rulebook can be found here [].


This build will likely make your old saves incompatible due to the fixes that will be included in this build.

As is standard, tracking specific bugs between the live build and different builds that we’ve been working on is normally tough so we are unable to produce a list of bug fixes. If you want to know if anything specific has been fixed then please ask.

Dev Note

Another standard for a new update, please complete any games that you want to complete on the old build before updating as old saves on the new build may be rendered unplayable.

Along with this, if you lose your Runestones and XP, please go to the leaderboard and hit refresh.

Special thanks…

As always, we are grateful for all the hours that people choose to give to helping us improve the quality of Talisman: Digital Edition. For this expansion we gave more people access at an earlier stage and some folk really went above and beyond in helping us ensure the highest standards possible.

Thanks especially to Neil, Nemo, Chesh, Potterman and talismanisland for your continued hard work and support.


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