The Horus Heresy – Battle of Tallarn arrive sur Android

En bref. Après être sorti sur PC et iOS en début d’année, HexWar annonce que ce petit wargame tactique sur le thème de la plus grande bataille de chars ayant eu lieu durant la fameuse hérésie d’Horus est désormais aussi disponible sur Google Play, gratuitement mais avec bien entendu des achats en jeu optionnels.

Pour plus d’informations sur The Horus Heresy – Battle of Tallarn, voyez le lien précédent ou cette page chez l’éditeur, celle-ci sur Steam ou encore celle-là sur iTunes.


The Horus Heresy: Battle of Tallarn – Out Now on Android!
The largest tank battle in Imperial history is out now on Android!

HexWar Games has partnered with Games Workshop® to bring you The Horus Heresy: Battle of Tallarn™. Get ready to fight the largest tank battle in Imperial history with more tanks and more destruction than ever!

After the virus bombing by the traitorous Iron Warriors rendered the surface of Tallarn deadly to biological life, the besieged forces call upon legions of tanks – from the Leman Russ to the almighty Baneblade to bring war to their enemy. The battles begin after the devastating blow that turned the planet into an apocalyptic wasteland, amid the grim conditions the survivors faced in the aftermath.

The Horus Heresy: Battle of Tallarn is a turn-based strategy game that recreates one of the most important events in Imperial history. Command a vast array of tanks, Dreadnoughts, Knights and Titans across the toxic landscape. Play as desperate Solar Auxilia units fighting squadrons of Iron Warrior Predators for control of vast underground bunkers.


  • 66 different units accurately recreated
  • 54 different weapons
  • One battle pack, with six standalone missions
  • An eight mission tutorial campaign
  • Play all missions, other than the Tutorial, as either Imperial or Traitor forces
  • Tailor your army with custom force selection
  • Fight on the devastated surface of Tallarn or for control of the vast underground bunker system
  • 8 unique unit types
    • Aircraft
    • Flyers
    • Infantry
    • Tanks
    • Walkers
    • Super Heavy Walkers
    • Super Heavy Tanks
    • Titans
  • Future updates will add more missions and many more units


All campaigns can be played as both Loyalist and Traitor.

6 Mission Apocalypse Campaign*
In the wake of the death and destruction wrought upon Tallarn by the virus bombing, the Iron Warriors descended.  As their patrols scoured the ruined planet’s surface, they encountered unexpected resistance from the Imperial survivors.  Protected from Tallarn’s toxified atmosphere in their underground shelters, the loyalists launched a spirited campaign of hit-and-run attacks on the Iron Warriors.

6 Mission Resurrection Campaign*
As the Imperium learned of the Iron Warriors’ treachery and the fate of the survivors of Tallarn, their relief troops and armour arrived in force, only to be matched by those of the enemy.  The Iron Warriors ground their way to Sapphire City, beneath which lay a subterranean network of tunnels and shelters which had served as a bulwark in the Imperial defence line.

6 Mission Revenge Campaign*
Despite determined efforts, the Imperium were unable to shift the Iron Warriors from The Sightless Warren.  Meanwhile fighting on the surface ground to a stalemate as heavy armoured units reinforced both sides.  In a bid to sway the battle, The Iron Warriors’ Macro-Transport “The Eagle’s Talon” was brought into orbit around Tallarn, threateningly positioned to bring a new wave of troops to fight for the traitors.


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