The Tactical Art of Combat – Anzio 44 : pluie de screenshots

Voici une longue série de captures d’écrans pour ce futur STR s’inspirant de Close Combat et de Graviteam Tactics, mais souhaitant proposer plus de fonctionnalités (ex : balistique, civils, partisans, etc.), et réaliser le tout dans une belle 3D. Ce qui devrait aboutir à un wargame pointu façon simulation en temps réel, et à un moteur de jeu permettant de traiter de nombreux thèmes. Y compris via des mods, grâce à l’utilisation du moteur Unity. Le premier titre sera consacré à l’Italie et plus particulièrement à la bataille d’Anzio.

Un programme donc très prometteur, toutefois la sortie du jeu n’étant pas prévue, au mieux, avant le troisième trimestre de 2017, il va désormais falloir patienter pour y goûter. D’ici là pour plus d’informations sur The Tactical Art of Combat – Anzio 44, voyez le communiqué ci-après puis le site officiel ou celui des développeurs.

N.B. : les captures d’écrans suivantes présentent les deux échelles du jeu, d’abord à l’échelle stratégique / opérationnelle, et ensuite à l’échelle tactique.


Tackom Ltd  – Art of Combat Anzio 44 –

What is Art of Combat
The best way to imagine Art of Combat is as an old table top game.  The Table is the Strategic [Strat Map] This is where the operational aspects of the game take place.  You move your Bgs [Battle Groups] around, [Infantry – Armour – Recon – Heavy Infantry – Engineers – Mixed etc] . You endeavour to outmanoeuvre your AI or human opponent as you would on a real table top, using real tactics. Once you have moved units, sorted supply, intel etc out, you finish your “turn” hit next, the opponent moves in the same way. At this point Battles will occur, this is where you drop down to the battlemap, to actually fight your battles in realtime.
This is where the actual real time fighting will occur. Here below the Strategic [Strat] layer, on the Battle layer is where your Battle Groups will engage in real time combat. With a far better AI than any tactical wargame until now, with AA class modelling and graphics, pathing, physics etc, you will be able to fight ultra-realistic battles with features that have never been seen before in any game.

Feature List [Provisional]:

  • Theatre of the game is Italy [Provisional]
  • Detailed and historically accurate Battle Maps – Both created and dynamic.
  • Numerous terrain types allowing for various types of combat.
  • Pervasive damage across all maps for length of campaign
  • Force selection between battles
  • Supply & Supply interdiction
  • Intel – Intelligence allowing for items such as observation flights, recon, infiltration etc.
  • Simplicity of use
  • Dynamic Front Line / Attack / Defence Markers on Strategic/ Operational map
  • Reinforcements in battle
  • Real Tactical gameplay on the Operational , Strategic Layer.
  • Build up of forces [Battle Groups], flanking, Counter Attacks, all real tactical situations.
  • Intuitive Interface – GUI
  • Realistic Battlefield simulation
  • Brand new Strategic and Tactical AI based on human psych models detailing morale, experience, fatigue and much more. Your soldiers will behave in the most realistic manner ever achieved in a game.
  • Multiplayer (up to 5-10 per side) [Provisional]
  • Larger Strategic Area allowing real movement of forces
  • Top Down & Isometric Camera View with various built in camera lock views. [Options]
  • Zoomed Views allowing for accurate height judgement [Options]
  • Role playing aspect. [Medals / Promotions etc]
  • Tracers and canon fire in game.
  • Unit Stacking on Strat Map – Multiple BGs on ONE map zone.
  • Triggers [Booby Traps/Mines/Insurgents/Partisans]
  • Pre-deployment of pill-boxes, sandbagged mg/mortar positions, hull own for tank positions, all of which are dynamic and laid out in the pre battle deployment phase, making for totally realistic battles with the dynamism that goes with that.
  • Importing of Real World Map data [Mission Planning for Military]
  • Strat map supports, supply, logistics, harbours, railroads, docks, airfields, bridge destruction and repair, Minefields, commands, roads, cutting supply, communications to artillery, air support, Military Manoeuvre.
  • Night movement [Almost a must for Germans!]
  • Realistic Water – River Crossings Etc
  • Command HQ has radius and effect on Strat Map
  • Changeable AI – Sliders for aggression, experience etc as per Psych Model
  • Modding Community – This is a very important aspect of AOC. Modders will have a  built in interface allowing for importing skins, importing and changing unit data, importing Real World map data. Changing individual soldier load outs, etc. There will be a complete mod installer allowing for both large and small mods to be easily installed, from simple data to complete campaign. This will be linked with Steams existing mod database and make use of their existing network.

About The Art of Combat

What we as developers are aiming to do, is to create a new type of wargame, with brand new features.  All it will have in common with past RTS type games is that it will be Real Time. It is essentially an RTTS [Real Time Tactical Simulation]. The aim is to build a game that will eventually cover many time periods, not just WW2. The game will have a host of features, such as civilians who can become insurgents/partisans, booby traps, the ability to realistically model many differing types of tactical warfare from WW2 to Asymmetric, insurgent based warfare.
The Tactical Art of Combat [AOC – Art of Combat] will be an entirely new type of game, the only real  RTTS being developed anywhere.  The only past title that bears comparison with Art of Combat was the old 90s title Close Combat. The game will feature an enhanced 3D world, real ballistics, physics, and beautiful 3D world. Many features will not have been seen in any other game. We are aiming to produce the ultimate tactical wargame that will get better with each iteration.  This is about making the best Tactical Wargame or RTTS [Real Time Tactical Simulation] possible.

Many of today’s strategy games fail to draw in large crowd of players because of the games reliance on a complicated command interfaces that requires a significant number of hours to begin to understand, poor AI and game mechanics.  The steep learning curve involved in many games dissuades many causal gamers. The Tactical Art of Combat aims to avoid this problem by provide the player with a simple command and control interface that a player will fully understand within minutes of starting. True mastery of the game will come to players who learn tactics and monitor their soldiers, not to players who have spent the most time reading an instruction manual.

Two guiding principles are:  Options and playing the game as you wish, not as we think you should. If you want to dive right in, quick battles, campaigns,  want supply/logistic, pre bombardment, air strikes, morale reality levels, pre deployment, river crossings, want to award medals, auto award them, promote units, make your own unit. All of this is possible, and much more with the Art of Combat.  The other vital aspect is modding. We are building game specific editors, allowing for maps creations, unit, insignia, vehicles all are moddable and the game will have its own modding interface. This is a game for the community, a brand new realistic, fun, tactical Wargame / Sim with a genuinely great psychological based AI.
[See attached Screens of Strategic Map / Battle Maps and Art]

If you would like to find out more, head over to the Art of Combat website.
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Release: Q3 – 2017

The Team:
We have a great team, many have worked on various military versions of commercial and military versions of Close Combat, Games  [CC:CC Marines, CC: Anti-Terrorism, CC: Joint Terminal Air Controller, CC: UK Army] BioFor, Sofor [Special Operations Trainer] other games such as Ghost Recon,  Warfighter “, VICE, Squad Assault, Call of Duty, Europe in Flames, Warhawk, Decisive Battles of World War II, WW2: Time of Wrath, they have worked on modern drone simulations and much more. The Team have worked for studios as varied as TalonSoft, Atomic Games, Ubisoft, SCI, Freedom Games, Simtek, Dynamic Animation Systems, Treyarch, Matrix Games, Janus Research Group,  Government entities such as, PMTRASYS, DARPA, MARCOR, RAF: Regiment, ONR, as well as numerous military serious games projects.

Later Versions
Unlike all previous games THE TACTICAL ART OF COMBAT will cover different eras covering most of the 20th century: WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam, Iraq in different future iterations of the title.
Civilians – Asymmetric Warfare [WW2 Partisans] – Vital for use as military trainer
Real World Map data importation to create maps [Mission Planning for Military]

Tackom Ltd, Ipswich, Suffolk , UK – Monday, 11 April 2016 –

Tackom Ltd was set up in the Summer of 2015 as a company dedicated to making high quality cutting edge wargames.  With the staff currently employed the company has decades of experience working on dozens of titles within both the games industry and the military simulation industry.  The aim of the company is to produce several new titles that cut across the boundary of casual gaming and wargaming.  The company is UK based and will concentrate on high quality simulations and wargames, with emphasis on graphics, AI [Artificial Intelligence] and the Community.  Our games are designed to be played as you wish to play not as we think you should play. Currently the company is concentrating on The Art of Combat – Anzio 44 – . Development of the title is well underway.

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