Accueil Actus Total War – Three Kingdoms : premières images

Total War – Three Kingdoms : premières images

Creative Assembly l’avait dit, la série Total War préparait un autre épisode majeur consacré à l’histoire, en parallèle donc de la nouvelle série Saga qui se focalisera elle sur des événements plus circonscrits dans le temps. La nuance étant encore pour l’instant très floue, mais au moins cette année il y en aura pour tous les goûts.

Alors si cette bande-annonce, réalisée a priori avec le moteur du jeu, est très soignée, on déplorera quand même que l’ambiance trop cinématique étouffe le coeur du jeu, qui n’est pas une chorégraphie de combats caricaturaux, l’art de la guerre en Chine étant de longue date certes théâtral aussi, mais bien plus élaboré qu’une mise en scène hollywoodienne surjouant avec les effets sur quelques acteurs, quitte à négliger l’essentiel, la vue d’ensemble à l’échelle du sujet et des joueurs. Qui n’en sauront donc guère plus une fois l’annonce terminée, mais pourront s’armer de patience et se préparer à batailler pour la réunification de la Chine.

En attendant, pour quelques bouts d’informations sur Total War – Three Kingdoms, dont la sortie est prévue à l’automne prochain, voyez le communiqué et les images suivantes, puis le site officiel (pour l’instant en reconstruction) ainsi que cette fiche sur Steam.




LONDON – January 11th, 2017 –SEGA® Europe Ltd. today announced the new historical strategy game Total War: Three Kingdoms, the next major historical title in the Total War™ strategy series from Creative Assembly™, and the first to explore ancient China, will launch in Fall 2018.

It is 190CE and China is in turmoil. The Han Dynasty crumbles before the child-emperor, who is a mere puppet for the tyrant Dong Zhuo. The brutal and oppressive regime’s power grows as the empire slips further into anarchy. Yet hope blossoms in the form of three heroes, sworn to brotherhood in the face of calamity. Warlords of great families follow suit, forming a fragile coalition in a bid to challenge Dong Zhuo’s remorseless rule. The future of China will be shaped by their hands, but personal ambition threatens their already crumbling alliance.

Inspired by the beauty and artistic style of the age, Total War™: Three Kingdoms breathes life into the heroes of this fascinating period as they struggle to unite China under a single banner.

Total War™: Three Kingdoms will be available for PC in 2018, watch the announce trailer here

For the latest news about this title and the other Total War games, subscribe to the Total War™ YouTube Channel for future news about gameplay videos.


About Total War™:
Multi-million-selling Total War is one of the most critically-acclaimed series in gaming; now over 15 years old. A drive for historical authenticity and superb gaming quality has helped establish the franchise as one of the most successful PC games of all time. Alongside the core historical-based games, the Total War series has expanded to include free-to-play mobile (Total War Battles™: KINGDOM) and PC titles (Total War™: ARENA), currently in development. Their dedicated development teams are joined by those working on Total War: WARHAMMER and future Total War titles. Total War’s website is located at

About Creative Assembly™:
Creative Assembly is one of the UK’s leading games development studios, founded in 1987 and located in West Sussex, UK and in Sofia, Bulgaria. With a heritage of award-winning AAA titles, including the multi-million selling Total War™ series, Creative Assembly continues to build an impressive portfolio of games and world-renowned partnerships; working with Games Workshop on Total War™: WARHAMMER®, Wargaming Alliance on Total War™: ARENA, Twentieth Century Fox on Alien: Isolation, plus 343 Industries and Microsoft on Halo Wars 2. Creative Assembly has, with their exceptionally talented team of over 500, amassed a wealth of awards, including recent accolades from BAFTA, Music+Sound and Develop’s Industry Excellence awards.

About SEGA® Europe Ltd.:
SEGA Europe Ltd. is the European Distribution arm of Tokyo, Japan-based SEGA Games Co., Ltd., and a worldwide leader in interactive entertainment both inside and outside the home. The company develops and distributes interactive entertainment software products for a variety of hardware platforms including PC, wireless devices, and those manufactured by Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe. SEGA wholly owns the video game development studios Creative Assembly, Relic Entertainment, Amplitude Studios, Sports Interactive and Hardlight. SEGA Europe’s website is located at

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