Total War – Warhammer : voici les guerriers du Chaos !

Sega diffuse en cette fin de semaine un trailer dévoilant la cinquième faction de Total War : Warhammer. Il s’agira du Chaos, qu’un Pack Guerriers du Chaos viendra rajouter au jeu de base. Ce DLC proposera trois seigneurs légendaires (Kholek Dévore-le-Soleil, Archaon l’Élu des Dieux et Sigvald le Magnifique), des montures, des quêtes et objets magiques supplémentaires, et surtout la possibilité de jouer la campagne ou en multijoueurs avec cette faction.

A noter que quelque soit la faction que vous sélectionnerez (Empire, Orcs et Gobelins, Nains, Vampires) en solo et même sans ce DLC, le Chaos jouera bien un rôle dans le scénario du jeu de base, où on découvrira donc le début d’une nouvelle et terrible menace.

Pour plus d’informations sur cette première extension, voyez cette page sur Steam. Où vous trouverez cinq captures d’écrans ainsi qu’une vostf de ce trailer (dont la voix off démoniaque dit en résumé que nul ne comprend le Chaos, et que tous vont craindre son ascension…).

La sortie de Total War – Warhammer, qui sera le premier volet d’une trilogie épique, est désormais prévue le 28 avril prochain. Vous pouvez obtenir gratuitement ce DLC en précommandant le jeu (ou en achetant l’une des deux éditions collector, Limited ou High King).

LONDON – October 22, 2015 – SEGA® Europe Ltd. and Creative Assembly today revealed the Pre-order Bonus, High King Edition and Limited Edition for Total War™: WARHAMMER®, the game that brings to life the most comprehensive vision possible of the Warhammer Fantasy Battle world – Total War: WARHAMMER will be the first in an epic trilogy, supported with free and paid-for content post-release and is set to launch on April 28 th, 2016.

Pre-order Bonus – Chaos Warriors Race Pack:

Those gamers who pre-order any edition from participating retailers will receive Total War: WARMAMMER’s first DLC for free alongside the game on release day. The Chaos Warriors Race Pack includes three new playable Legendary Lords, enabling you to select the corrupted and powerful Chaos Warriors as your race in the Grand Campaign.

Featuring unique new mounts, bloodthirsty units and monstrous creatures, this Race Pack also brings with it a brand new, narrative-driven quest chain for each Legendary Lord, and an armoury of twisted and cursed magic items.

To learn more about the Chaos Warriors, watch the new in-engine cinematic trailer:

The Total War: WARHAMMER standard edition is now available for pre-order from Steam at and other retailers world-wide via .

High King Edition:

The Total War: WARHAMMER High King Edition will be produced in a single, extremely limited run.

Modelled on the legendary Book of Grudges, the High King Edition will ship in a large ornate presentation box, featuring metallic gold and 3D sculpted detail in the iconic Dwarfen style. Contained within is a host of treasures guaranteed to sate the gold-lust of the mightiest Dwarfen High King; including:

–          Grudge Ring: This quality metal ring, with a rotating inner band is perfect to spin whilst brooding over grudges and plotting revenge. Six numbered bevels on the inner hoop allow the ring to double as a fully functioning die.

–          Slayer’s Whetstone Pendant: Made of genuine, functional whetstone and inscribed with the talismanic Master Rune of Spite, this hefty trinket would be treasured and jealously guarded by any self-respecting Slayer, who aims to keep a keen edge on their blades.

–          Dwarfen Drinking Horn & Stand: Toast your victories with this beautifully decorated drinking horn; wrought with icons and sigils in the Dwarfen craftsman style. Suitable for both display and practical use, it can hold a full pint and comes complete with its own unique metal display stand. Please note, liquid cannot be ‘sipped’ from this drinking horn, it may only be ‘quaffed’.

–          Canvas Map: Plan your campaigns of conquest as any High King should with this gorgeously illustrated canvas map of the game world.

–          Integrated Artbook: Integrated into the High King Edition’s impressive packaging is a large art book featuring exclusive concepts.

–          Metal Case: Protect your game disks from the perilous dangers of the Old World with this exclusive metal case.

–          Insider Guide: A printed strategy guide for Total War: WARHAMMER; this book will help get you started with the game and offers invaluable tactical advice to help you dominate the battlefields of the Old World.

–          Chaos Warriors Race Pack: The Chaos Warriors Race Pack offers a new playable race with a full roster of bloodthirsty units, terrifying mounts and monstrous creatures. Lead the corrupted Chaos hordes as one of three new playable Legendary Lords and embrace the Ruinous Powers as you embark on brand new quest chains, unlocking powerful items and gaining the favour of the dark Chaos Gods.

The High King Edition is available for pre-order now from the following retailers:

Limited Edition:

Alongside the extremely rare High King Edition, a Limited Edition will also be available at select retailers. This version includes the metal case and Insider Guide detailed above in the High King Edition.

All Editions are available for pre-order now . For the latest news about this title and the other Total War games in development, visit and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Subscribe to Total War’s Youtube Channel for future news about gameplay videos.


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