Trois millions pour Crusader Kings III

Paradox a annoncé en fin de semaine que le troisième volet de la série Crusader Kings a franchi récemment le cap des trois millions d’exemplaires, sans compter les extensions et autres packs cosmétiques.

Voilà un beau succès de plus pour l’éditeur, qui a offert avec ce titre un jeu hybride proposant différentes manières d’aborder la stratégie tout en découvrant la période médiévale. D’autres extensions et contenus supplémentaires sont prévus a priori au moins pour ces trois prochaines années.

Au passage, si vous appréciez les graphismes très soignés du jeu voyez l’article Paradox Interactive Crusader Kings III Art Blast sur Artstation, qui brosse un tableau complet des différents aspects artistiques de CK 3.

Pour plus d’informations sur Crusader Kings III, voyez cette fiche sur Steam ainsi que notre test. Puis nos articles Crusader Kings III – Tours and Tournaments : joutes et voyages au programme, Crusader Kings III – Fate of Iberia : un DLC un peu modeste pour un riche sujet et Crusader Kings III – Royal Court : salles du trône et intrigues dans tous leurs états.



Crusader Kings III Hits 3 Million Sales

Award-winning historical strategy game reaches new heights

STOCKHOLM – 01 September 2023 – Proving that knights in shining armor, family squabbles and grand tours of your realm never go out of style, Paradox Interactive announced that its hit medieval strategy-roleplaying game Crusader Kings III has sold 3 million copies of the base game, not counting attached expansion or cosmetic packs.

Hitting this sales milestone three years after its release in September 2020 is testimony to the enduring power of Crusader Kings III as a story-telling experience par excellence, and a strategy game with a wide appeal beyond the stereotypical history fan. Crusader Kings III is the first Paradox grand strategy game for many players, acting as an entry point to a wider world of historical gaming.

Over the last few years, Crusader Kings players have fought many battles over many thrones in many regions of the world. We’ve highlighted a few of these accomplishments in the trailer below and the infographic we have attached.

“The last three years have been very busy and very exciting, and it’s thrilling to see so many people enjoy what we have built,” says Alex Oltner, Game Director for Crusader Kings III. “Crusader Kings III is a very special game that has something to appeal to almost everyone – conquerors, builders, storytellers, and romantics. The response to our recent Tours & Tournaments expansion has been especially gratifying and we have so many more ideas we want to bring to life. Our entire team is grateful to everyone who has helped make Crusader Kings III what it has become.”

But success doesn’t mean that everyone can rest. Paradox Interactive has just released the Wards & Wardens event pack for Crusader Kings III, the first Paradox grand-strategy add-on chosen by the community itself. Earlier this year, Paradox unveiled Chapter II of the developmental cycle for Crusader Kings III, including the Legacy of Persia flavor pack to come later this year.

Crusader Kings III is available at major online retailers for the suggested retail price of $49.99/£41.99/€49.99


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