Trois nouveaux DLC pour Cossacks 3

Revenons brièvement sur Cossacks 3, qui a bénéficié depuis l’hiver dernier de plusieurs mises à jour corrigeant de nombreuses choses et continue de recevoir régulièrement des mini-extensions.

En effet après Rise of Glory, un DLC qui en février dernier ajouta la Bavière et la Saxe, mais aussi deux campagnes, une coté Prusse, une coté Suède, puis après Guardians of the Highlands, un autre DLC qui ajouta lui au début d’avril l’Écosse et donc une campagne sur le thème de ce pays, voici que va bientôt arriver une quatrième petite extension. Intitulée Path to Grandeur, celle-ci ajoutera donc à partir du 16 mai prochain deux nations supplémentaires, la Hongrie et le Portugal, ainsi que deux nouvelles campagnes, l’une coté espagnol, l’autre coté ottoman.

Pour plus d’informations sur ces add-ons, voyez les liens précédents ainsi que les communiqués ci-après, ou le site officiel. A lire également concernant le jeu de base notre article Cossacks 3, voyage et guerres au XVII-XVIIIe siècle.

Au passage sachez aussi que le jeu va s’étoffer encore un peu plus cette année, comme l’ont indiqué en janvier les développeurs avec la feuille de route que vous pouvez voir ci-dessous, et qui laisse deviner un futur cinquième DLC vers la fin de l’été.


Cossacks 3: Path to Grandeur – Announcement

GSC Game World glad to announce Cossacks 3: Path to Grandeur, a valiant addition to the Cossacks series that will be released on May 16th.

Path to Grandeur will allow you to participate in glorious wars, marching through half of the Europe and battling the greatest empires of an era. DLC would introduce two new nations, 8 unique units, amusing campaigns and more!

Main features:

  • Ottoman campaign : Take part in greatest battles of Köprülü era and lead the Ottoman to grandeur.
  • Spanish campaign : Become an Ambrogio Spinola. Demonstrate your wits in sieges of mighty fortresses and calm mind in fiery battles.
  • New unique Units : total 8 new units added:
    • Portugal:
      • 17th century Pikeman
      • Jaeger
      • Unique Shipyard
    • Hungary:
      • Hajduk
      • Grenzer
      • Grenadier
      • Hussar (available in 17th century)
    • Turkey:
      • Sipahi (heavy armored cavalry)
    • Spain:
      • Coselete (one of the strongest pikemen)
  • New climatic zone : Get ready to fierce battles among great sands under the scorching desert sun.
  • New nations : Highly anticipated by our players Hungary and Portugal are returning to game and entering the battlefields, each with its own custom soundtrack.

Hungary and Portugal would be available to all our players in two weeks after release of the DLC. Owners of Deulxe Edition or DLC would be able to use them since 16th May, while other players will get access to these nations for free on 30th of May.

This DLC is part of the Deluxe Edition.

Cossacks 3: Guardians of the Highlands mini-expansion announcement

GSC Game World is proud to announce the first ever mini-expansion to the game – Cossacks 3: Guardians of the Highlands. It will come out on April 11 and will feature a newcomer to the Cossacks series – Scotland, with its own unique armies and gameplay mechanics.

Guardians of the Highlands gives you an opportunity to lead Scotland, a freedom-loving nation of highlanders, which makes its debut in the Cossacks series and changes the way the players can wage war. Its captivating campaign will tell a tale about the triumphs of the Scottish people in the 17th and 18th century, and will allow you to personally participate in them. Among other additions to the game, the mini-addon brings AI-assistant – a great tool for both new players and the veterans of the game.

Main Features:

  • Scotland : a brand-new nation with unique game mechanics, units and buildings. Force even the fiercest of foes to flee with help of the mighty highlanders, or turn them to ashes with the Scottish machines of war.
  • New game mechanics : Scotland shall impress even the most hardcore fans, as warriors in kilts, with help of some new tactics and tricks, completely change the way the game is played.
  • Assistant : revolutionary AI-helper that will assist the player with the toughest of tasks – ruling a nation. It will advice the player on what buildings it is better to build with the current resource pool and automatically guide the idle peasants various resource nodes or priority tasks, and much more! From now on there’s no need to waste your time on things not fit for royals, you can focus your attention on things that matter: leading an army and crushing your enemies, while assistant will take care of trivial tasks.
  • Scottish campaign : lead the Gaelic warriors to victory in their bloodiest struggles. From the battle of Marston Moor to the famous Jacobite rising, you shall lead the sons of Alba to glory!
  • New units : nine unique Scottish units shall strike fear in the hearts of your enemies. Highlanders and clansmen are ready to annihilate your enemies.
  • New soundtrack : lead the brave highlanders to victory while a traditional Scottish tune plays in the background.

The mini-expansion is not a part of the Deluxe Edition of the game.

Cossacks 3: Rise to Glory – Release

Dear friends!

We’re happy to announce that ‘Cossacks 3: Rise to Glory’ is now available!

Rise to Glory allows you to take up the mantle of the greatest military leaders of all time and participate in battles that defined the world’s history as we know it. The drums and pipes of war thunder across all Europe, as you get to witness the daring adventures of the Old Fritz and the Lion of the North on peak of their glory.

Among other numerous new features, we would like to announce that Ranked games and the Ladder are coming into the game, along with remake of the multiplayer shell and introduction of the ‘Quick Play’ functionality. Now players will be able scratch that competitive itch and show everyone their skill!

Main features of Rise to Glory:

  • Prussian campaign: Assume the role of Frederick the Great and lead the mighty Prussian armies into the fiercest skirmishes 18th century Europe have ever seen.
  • Swedish campaign: Experience the rise of Sweden to its position of the global power under the leadership of Gustavus Adolphus, a genius military leader who invented the modern way of conducting warfare.
  • New Original Units: 7 new units come into the game, 3 of which are completely new.
  • New environments: Take out your winter coats, as Rise to Glory introduces winter maps to the game.
  • New nations: mighty Bavaria and Saxony – favorites of the old fans – make a comeback to display the military might of German states. Each new nations will is accompanied with its own unique soundtrack.
  • Custom missions: three singleplayer scenarios will allow you participate in exciting historical battles that took place all over Europe.

As a reminder, Bavaria and Saxony will be available to everyone for free in one week after the release of the DLC! Deluxe edition and DLC owners will get an exclusive 7-day access to them and new units, everyone else will get their hands on them on 22th of February.

This DLC is part of the Deluxe Edition.


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