Troy, DLC bonus pour Imperiums – Greek Wars

En bref. Une première extension vient d’arriver pour ce 4X permettant de jouer dans le bassin méditerranéen à l’époque gréco-persane, et mélangeant dimension historique et mythologique. Comme le nom l’indique, le thème est ici celui de la fameuse guerre de Troie. Les dieux étant parfois aussi généreux, bonne nouvelle, ce DLC vous est offert gratuitement.

Parallèlement, une importante mise à jour 1.10 est venue améliorer plusieurs aspects du jeu, particulièrement l’IA (voir le changelog ci-après).

Pour plus d’informations sur Imperiums – Troy, voyez cette fiche sur Steam. Concernant Imperiums : Greek Wars, voyez cette page sur Steam et le site officiel.




The Imperiums: Troy DLC is out and for FREE!

The first DLC for Imperiums: Greek Wars we’ve named Troy has been just released! The stage for the legendary battle between Greeks and Trojans is set –the armies are prepared, cities fortified and assorted kings and heroes on both sides determined to crush the enemy.

Step in the sandals of proud and arrogant Agamemnon of Mykenai, wise Odysseus of Ithaka, brave Ajax of Salamis, invincible Achilles of Myrmidons, or honorable Priam and Hektor of Troy, and face the destiny that has been set for you by the goddesses of Fate.

This war will be merciless, but don’t forget that there could be more ways to victory than at the tip of your sword.

This DLC is a gift to our fantastic community and all the players who enjoy Imperiums: Greek Wars. So, saddle your horses and ride into the battle with a battle cry on your lips!

Kube Games team.


Version 1.1.0. – Imperiums marches forward

Hello everyone,
you may know that the first Imperiums DLC called Troy is out today. This expansion is available for free so don’t wait, give it a try!
Considering the small size of the map, we have tried really hard to balance it and make it entertaining.

Apart from the expansion itself, we are releasing an update of the game’s core (main game) with version number 1.1.0.
We consider this to be the next step in the development of Imperiums, pretty much all of the teething problems have been fixed, a lot of mechanics have been improved and tweaked and thanks to the enhanced tactical level of Imperiums: Troy a number of improvements to the AI tactical behavior have also been added.

But don’t worry, it does not end with 1.1.0. Au contraire! The fun has just begun, we have very interesting plans for Imperiums.

Version 1.1.0. has a number of interesting changes; in particular the AI has gone through a pretty big iteration. Check out the list below.

New features and improvements added:

“Tithe” State Decision improved (farms are added to the most suitable tiles).
Higher wood production for city-states.
“Discipline” improvement now works as a counterweight to “Dread” improvement (it prevents the drop of unit defense when an enemy unit with the “Dread” improvement is nearby).
“Slaves Manumission” State Decision is now cheaper (it can be used more frequently with lower impact).
Hades’ Warriors can be transported by vessels.
Localized city names added for several languages.
Updated Spanish, French, Russian, German and Czech translations.
Japanese is now available by default in game (not yet officially supported but it will be very soon).

AI changes:

The behavior of Generals when trying to influence the cities of other players was improved.
Improved usage of defensive facilities (a unit’s ability to decide when it is better to stay inside a defensive facility and defend or whether to launch an attack was greatly improved).
Slaves handling changed (AI calculates more precisely when it needs Slaves and acts accordingly).
More predictable diplomacy.
State Decisions usage improved.
Prediction of food shortages was improved and affects decisions on a tactical level as well.
The algorithm for unit healing was improved (the decision whether to let a unit heal on autoheal, use “recover” or “repair” action or to use allies’ facilities for “heal inside” action).
More focus given to destroying enemy Generals.

Custom worlds:

Capital cities are bigger from the beginning.

Bugs fixed:

An issue in the Technology Tree when technologies that should be hidden were visible, was fixed.
Battle Result Window – unit names are now localized (connected to localized city names).
“Exiting” CTD was fixed.
Treaty proposal window was not deactivated after clicking on Cancel (sometimes it was necessary to confirm your decision twice).
“Patriot” improvement was not working correctly.


With Troy being released for free, we would be happy if you help us spread the word. Tell your friends, share your opinion on forums and in online discussions, write a Steam review … every little helps.
Thank you for your support.

Kube Games team.


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