Ultime patch et promo pour Flashpoint Campaigns

En bref. Slitherine a annoncé ce week-end une nouvelle et a priori dernière mise à jour pour Red Storm et Germany Reforged, qui passent donc en version 2.0.13. Mise à jour qui ajoute plusieurs scénarios, une nouvelle fonctionnalité (Staff alerts, pour alerter le joueur quand certaines unités franchissent certains seuils), améliore l’IA ennemie, et corrige quelques bugs (voyez ci-après ou ce changelog dans le forum officiel pour plus de détails). 

Pour accompagner ce patch, sachez aussi que jusqu’au 7 septembre prochain le jeu est en promotion à moitié prix, y compris sur Steam.

Pour plus d’informations sur sur Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm, voyez cette fiche chez l’éditeur ou par ici sur Steam. Concernant le battle pack Flashpoint Campaigns: Germany Reforged voyez celle-ci chez Matrix ou par là sur Steam.

A lire aussi en complément notre test de Flashpoint Campaigns : Red Storm.


Flashpoint Campaigns receives a final update! And is on sale too!

Today, we are releasing a final update for Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm and Germany Reforged, that will take us to version 2.0.13!

This update brings an already extraordinary wargame to the next level, and to celebrate this important announcement, we are putting both Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm and Germany Reforged on sale!

Starting from today September 1st to 7th, the series is 50% off! Don’t miss this chance!

Well then, let’s get back to the update (which you can download from the Member’s area or just clicking on this link)!

Version 2.0.13 is going to add many new features, among all:
1. New Scenarios and Mission PowerPoint files from the Staff Exercises at Origins 2017.
2. Added the new Staff Alerts Tab to the TOC. This is a feature added to the Origins Red Storm build brought over into the regular game. The tab shows all units having some manner of problems and there is a hyperlink to the map for the unit.
3. Enhanced the AI movement mode selection. The AI will use a deliberate move if it is a good distance from the objective. This will be less fatiguing and off a bit better awareness when on the move over the normal assault moves.
4. Fixed a couple of long standing bugs related to certain combat functions. Combat should now behave as intended with small formations being a bit more brittle and larger formations being a bit less fragile.
5. There was also a bug introduced in 2.0.12 that caused the end game VP scoring to be incorrect in some cases, mainly continuations past sudden death. That is now fixed.

The rest of the changelog is available HERE!
Don’t forget to check out the offers and be sure to have fun with this new update!
You can find Flashpoint Campaigns on Steam too!


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