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En bref. Comme prévu cet original jeu hybride de style Pixel art proposant des batailles aériennes sous la forme de mini-jeux (représentant par exemple une mission de bombardement) mais aussi la gestion d’un aérodrome en 39-45 a pris son envol vers nos écrans depuis hier. Il propose donc trois nations jouables, chacune via une campagne, et permet de gérer six avions différents par pays.

Pour plus d’informations sur Until the Last Plane, dont l’envol est fixé au 4 mars prochain, voyez cette fiche sur Steam, ou le site du studio italien CarloC Games.



Until The Last Plane Takes Off Tomorrow Review Keys available

Until The Last Plane, the latest air combat strategic/managerial game set in WWII is finally cleared for take-off! Tomorrow, the 4th of March is the D-Day and the game will be available on Steam at 9:00 AM PST time.

Manage your airfield, create spare parts, send your pilots out on missions. Face your enemy and resist… UNTIL THE LAST PLANE.

Duty calls Commander! What will you do in Until The Last Plane?

Manage your base
You will basically manage a WWII airfield in its entirety. Send out patrols, recruit pilots, buy planes, and organize the flow of dangerous missions taken by your men. But that’s just the beginning…

Keep your workshop up and working
Craft components for airplanes. Choose the component and assign more mechanics to reduce construction time. Never leave the warehouse without spare parts.

Pick the right strategy in every mission
Choose the most effective maneuvers for your pilots to execute. In this way you will reduce casualties and increase your shootdowns.
Will you develop better attack techniques? Or defensive techniques?

The War Propaganda is on!

“… weaves together a panoply of simple systems into something surprisingly rich and absorbing …”

“…a new management game that frees itself from the grip of the “already seen” appears on the horizon…”
SafariGames Italy

“…the idea of combining management and turn-based combats will be successful…”
GamesVillage Italy

Key Features

Until The Last Plane is the story of people who fought in World War II: brave pilots who soared through the vast skies, and the smart engineers who helped them by managing their planes. Their world is made of:

3 playable nations: USA, USSR and Germany
3 different campaigns for each nation
6 planes for each nation
Turn Based Tactical combat
fuel and ammunition management
spare parts crafting system
decision-making events

The Team behind Until The Last Plane

Carlo, a passionate videogame player, has a dream. He is a fierce War Thunder player and obsessed with managerial games so he decides to combine the two things: the idea of Until the Last Plane is born.
He is the coder, while Matteo is the pixel-art artist who creates all those nifty colorful WWII planes.
Other additions to the team are Max, WWII expert and history consultant, and Massimiliano, a skillful tester who can finish Ghost ‘n Goblins with just one coin.
And that’s how, after just a bit more than 1 year, Until The Last Plane is ready to take off…

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