War Hospital : nouveau trailer

En bref. Voici une récente jolie cinématique présentant l’ambiance de ce futur jeu au thème très original, jeu qui vous invitera à gérer un hôpital de campagne dans le contexte des sanglants combats de l’année 1917, coté anglais.

Vous incarnerez un médecin militaire britannique devant donc organiser des soins dans l’urgence, près du front français, alors que les blessés affluent. A priori il ne sera pas possible de tous les sauver, il faudra faire des choix.

Au passage je vous rajoute un très court teaser (à peine 10 secondes de gameplay) diffusé l’été dernier.

Pour plus d’informations sur War Hospital, dont la sortie est toujours prévue sur PC et consoles vers la fin de 2022, voyez cette page sur Steam et le site officiel.



War Hospital | Cinematic Trailer

Greetings Major,

A brand new cinematic trailer is now available, this video features you, Major Henry Wells, facing the moral dilemmas that come with your role on the front-lines.

Watch the new Cinematic Trailer:

With this new cinematic trailer, you are confronted the harsh reality of war, where every choice is a fateful decision. In your role of attending to the sick and injured, you must choose the best way to treat soldiers’ war wounds by managing the means at their disposal. Most of these decisions have immediate consequences for the injured, and the terrible events that are part of daily life in the trenches are not always predictable. As well as treating patients, you will need to make difficult decisions that impact staff morale, resource availability, and sometimes even the course of history.

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The War Hospital team


Ancien communiqué (août 2021)

NACON is publishing War Hospital!

NACON and Brave Lamb Studio are pleased to announce that they have joined forces for the publication of the game War Hospital, a unique strategy and survival game in which the player controls the fate of a British field hospital during the Great War.

In War Hospital players are confronted by the human drama resulting from the terrible conflict that has so deeply marked our recent history. Every day, when barbarity is unleashed, the hospital doctors have to deal with the moral dilemmas associated with the dual nature of their task, which is both humanitarian and military. They fight not only for life but also to maintain their morale and humanity in a world that seems to have rejected them completely.

In the very creative strategy and survival game segment, War Hospital provides a unique experience that blends real-time strategy, survival, and RPG elements, while developing a theme rarely dealt with until now. The game is set in 1917. You play as Major Henry Wells, a British doctor sent to the front to treat the wounded in an attempt to give a glimmer of hope to the troops. Despite the difficult conditions and the lack of equipment and resources, you must manage how emergencies are handled and develop your hospital.

Thanks to the exceptional support that the British Imperial War Museums gave the developers, the game faithfully recreates the context of the front and its trenches, as well as the medical equipment available at the time.

In addition to the deep management gameplay, the game also requires players to make moral choices that affect the soldiers, the situation at the front, and the battles. The player, therefore, undergoes an emotional trial through the drama experienced by the soldiers sent into the carnage. The game broaches the subject of war very differently than is usually the case.

“We are excited to partner with Nacon. We believe that this will help to introduce War Hospital to more players around the world and show them a different face of war in video games.” stated Micha Dziwniel, Head of Studio.

“Nacon is especially proud and honored to have been selected by Brave Lambs to work together on the success of War Hospital, a unique game in the genre, once again demonstrating, on the heels of titles such as This War of Mine and Soldats Inconnus that our media can deal with subjects that are complex and serious while keeping their identity,” stated Benoît Clerc, Publishing Director at NACON.

Discover the new gameplay teaser