Wastelander : début de la bêta

En bref. Voici une première bande-annonce pour ce futur petit jeu qui commence ce mois-ci à coloniser nos écrans, cela pour le moment via une phase Accès anticipé faisant suite à une bêta privée et deux ans de développement.

Le jeu proposera à terme un gameplay hybride, mélange de construction de colonies, de puzzle et de roguelike. Le tout prenant pour cadre une planète quasi désertique où l’on pourra découvrir d’anciennes technologies. Mais où il faudra aussi faire avec des tempêtes destructrices. L’objectif du jeu étant a priori de trouver un moyen de fuir cette planète sommes toutes peu habitable.

Pour plus d’informations sur Wastelander, voyez cette fiche sur Steam.



Early Access Launched
Hey everyone,

We’re really excited to share that after more than 2 years of development as a two person team, we’ve just launched our first game today on Steam!

We’ve worked hard to give the game as much replay value as possible with stuff like random seeds, daily challenges, tons of different building and tech options that can be found throughout each game. Every map is a unique experience.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the betas, provided valuable feedback and made content! We hope you will enjoy the game and stick around for the many new features we have planned as part of our early access.


Roadmap Update #1
Hi everyone,

Now that we’ve got our first EA stability patch released we’d like to give a quick roadmap update so you know what to expect in the coming few weeks of early access development. This won’t be a roadmap for the full EA period, just for the next 3 patches.

Patch 1 – Scaling difficulty levels past Insane
– This will be an incremental difficulty toggle that you’ll be able to increase as you beat each subsequent level. Each difficulty level will add an additional modifier to the map that will increase the difficulty in some way or another.

Patch 2 – Content Updates and improvements
– We’ve been gathering a ton of data on augment / blueprint / deployment / relic usage and average scores and winrates as more and more people play games. This patch will focus on making improvements to balance, as well as adding additional augments (and possibly some new buildings).

Patch 3 – Scenarios + Groundwork for Map editor
– Scenarios are a feature that existed in our earliest playtest versions of the game where you could load maps that other players had abandoned or failed and attempt to complete them from where they had been left off. We’ll be making improvements to this feature concept and releasing it back into the game. At the same time we’ll also be laying the groundwork for the map editor which will be released in a later patch.

Throughout this period we’ll also be doing bug fixes, and polish tasks so expect a lot of additional improvements in the coming weeks! (And don’t worry, Infinite mode is under way, but it’s a huge project and will take some time).

Thanks a lot for playing everyone and we hope you enjoy the upcoming content!

P.S. If you’d like to chat with us or give us any direct feedback, or get help with strategies from other players, or even just share your games, we’d love to chat with you in our discord server: https://discord.gg/BVwxN3pa


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