Waterloo 3D : premières vidéos

En bref. Une première vidéo de gameplay est arrivée pour la mini démo de ce futur jeu sur la bataille de Waterloo, mais aussi sur les batailles de Quatre Bras et de Ligny (et peut-être même de Wavre). Jeu tactique qui mélangera donc STR et wargame pour recréer en détail et comme le nom l’indique en 3D ce tournant des guerres napoléoniennes.

Pour plus d’informations sur Waterloo 3D, dont la sortie devrait avoir lieu cette année, en premier sur PC puis après sur Linux et iOS, voyez la récente courte bande-annonce suivante puis le communiqué et le site officiel.




Plus Infinity Studios to Make History with Release of Waterloo 3D

Fight the Historic Battle of Waterloo from Your PC with Never Before Seen Technology

In 2019 Plus Infinity Studios will release Waterloo 3D for PC using Unreal’s UE4 platform. The game will be released in English, French and German. Players are tasked with leading their army to victory, while being given the opportunity to change history. Advanced AI in Waterloo 3D born out of thorough research of first person battle accounts rewards players for period accurate tactics during the gameplay. With meticulously recreated battlefield terrains coupled with the game incentives for authentic Napoleonic tactics, players will be immersed in those fateful 100 days of 1815. Plus Infinity Studios’ new proprietary  technology will forever change the wargaming and RTS genre.

“We are super excited to announce this PC game Waterloo 3D!” said chief designer Sivakumar Kanakraj. “We have developed custom IP in our studio on top of Unreal’s stock UE4 code to animate and move more than 30,000 skeletal meshes in-game!”

Players can dive right into the Battle of Waterloo in historical mode to experience the actual sequence of events. Plus users can choose to explore additional outcomes with AI that allows for various what-if scenarios. There are no artificial view angle restrictions and the camera is fully 3D. The lighting and the level assets are state of the art. The terrain and the Belgian farmhouses in Waterloo 3D are historically accurate and play a crucial role in battle. Various game mode difficulty settings accommodate both seasoned historians and those  new to the battlefield.

“We have been meticulous in our creation of art assets, using satellite data to recreate the terrain of Waterloo, Quatre Bras and Ligny,while not forgetting to remove the Lion Mound !” Kanakraj added. “We have consulted experts, interviewed re-enactors and have gone through the drill manuals from the 1790s to 1812 for bringing out the nuances of the fighting styles of the French, the Anglo-Allied and the Prussian armies.”

We are aiming to accommodate even lower end PCs for Waterloo 3D at the lowest graphic settings. With a powerful rig, of course, the full visual splendour of the game will shine

Typical system specs:
Processor : Intel i5 or equivalent
System RAM : 16 GB
GPU : GTX 1060
Minimum specs will be released later.

The RTS/Wargame Waterloo 3D for PC will be available to the public in 2019.
Learn more at www.Waterloo3D.com.

About Waterloo 3D

The time is 7 PM, June 18, 1815. Emperor Napoleon has given the final attack orders to his vaunted Imperial Guard, his final reserves, in a desperate lunge to break open the Anglo-Allied line.

On the other side of the ridge, the Duke of Wellington has positioned his Guards Brigade of Redcoats, as only he can, behind the reverse slope. The Thin Red Line must hold, for one last time.

On the open French flank, Prince Blucher has given the order to “Fix bayonets and take no prisoners!” to his Prussians. Quarter will be neither given nor asked. Jena will be avenged at last!

The Battle of Waterloo, the dramatic 100 days campaign and indeed the whole of Napoleon’s empire trembles at this cataclysmic moment to the drumbeat of the Imperial Guard advancing.

Waterloo 3D takes you, the player, to that historic moment.

You can play as Napoleon, Wellington or Blucher. The Battle of Waterloo can be played as a single battle or as a sequence of mini battles each marking the turning points on that fateful day. In addition, the twin battles of Quatre Bras and Ligny fought 2 days prior to the main battle, are also available.

Players can either follow the historical arc or explore “what-if ” scenarios that try to answer the great imponderables of that iconic battle. And yes, you can play as Grouchy and choose either to attack Wavre or rush to Napoleon’s open flank and thus to the salvation of the French Army.

• The main battles of Waterloo, Quatre Bras and Ligny.
• Several dozen mini battles and skirmish scenarios.
• Very extensive tutorial system to guide novice Napoleonic players.
• Authentic Napoleonic tactics to keep hard core wargamers engaged.
• Using Unreal’s UE4 with custom developed rendering code to handle more than 30,000 animated characters in game.
• Both single player and multiplayer modes available.

About Plus Infinity Studios

Plus Infinity Studios launched in the summer of 2017 and began creating it’s premiere game, Waterloo 3D. The Colorado-based company has sourced talented creators that are committed to making Waterloo 3D make history.

The team consists of:

Sivakumar Kanakraj AKA Fred The Coder
Fred has been a Napoleonic enthusiast for the past decade and a half. He comes with several years of industry experience in mathematical modelling, analysis of complex systems and AI programming.
Fred is the chief designer and AI programmer for the game. Waterloo 3D is a dream come true project for an avid Napoleonics enthusiast like Fred.

Supritha Sivakumar
Sue has worked across the whole spectrum of video game art from hard surface modelling to character design and modelling. Sue oversees the 3D art & animation pipeline, the 2D art department, the website development and content delivery.

Joseph Marin, Gameplay Programming
Joe is a veteran in UE4 coding. There is not a single area of game programming he does not excel in and is a treasure to have in the team.

Santiago Pacheco, Graphics Programming
San’s domain is our studio’s proprietary rendering code that is capable of animating more than thirty thousand skeletal meshes and still maintain en enviable frame rate.

Jack McKelvie, Level Lighting, Environmental Assets & 3D Character Shaders
All round lighting and level tuning expert.

Joaquin Cossio, 3D Character Modelling
Premier 3D modeller for all our soldier characters.

Addison deBolt, Rigging and Animation
Technical rigger and animator. Addison brings top-shelf rigging nous to breathe life into our infantry, cavalry and artillery models.

Lilaton Fulham
Lila is our resident French expert and does all the French localisation work.

Benedikt Stamm
Ben is our resident German expert and does all the German localisation work.

Plus 10 other programmers, riggers, animators, environmental artists, shader programmers and designers.

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  1. ils sont au courant les mecs qu’il y a d’autres batailles que waterloo pendant les guerres napoléoniennes ? Tous les jeux sont la dessus lol.

    • Si le jeu a un minimum de succès il y aura certainement d’autres batailles. Et il semble qu’un éditeur de scénario permettra à ceux motivés de recréer justement d’autres grands affrontements.

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