What games can you play with limited time per day

The popularity of games and their interesting world attracts many people from all over the world, but it is obvious that not everyone has free time for them.

Even buying game gold and boosting from this website is not enough to get exactly free time to realize the full potential of the hero in your favorite game.

The easiest way to solve this problem is to deliberately choose games for which you have enough time, or you will be able to pause it and continue the next day.

You should choose:

  • Singleplayer
  • Session games


The easiest format for people with limited time and just for everyone who is comfortable playing alone and absorbing the plot and tasks that the developers put before the game.

The main advantage of the single player is the ability to pause the game, save and exit it at any time.

Single-player games are famous for their stories, a large number of mechanics and opportunities to feel like a specialist in a certain profession and a hero – a Witcher, a Soldier, and so on.

Consider interesting games that you might like and help you get a new experience, and you decide how much time to devote to the gameplay.

The Witcher 3

A project from the Polish studio SD Project Red, who set themselves the goal of not only adapting the books of Andrzej Sapkowski into an RPG setting, but also continuing the entire story of the adventure of Gerald, Ciri, Yennefer and other key characters and adding many interesting mechanics at the same time.

You can hunt monsters and make money on your craft, look for the secrets and mysteries of Taned and other regions of the Witcher universe, decide whether to help the locals solve their problems, even knowing that they will still look at you with contempt.

The project received a lot of rave reviews for interesting quests and the ability to directly influence their outcome with your answers and actions, and individual stories will take the soul of even the most cold-blooded players.

More than a hundred hours of active gameplay awaits you, and how much time per day you will spend on the project is up to you.

Call of Duty game series

One of the most famous shooters about the second world war and the projection of what the third world war would look like if it broke out in Europe and the USA.

If you take a series about the Second World War, then you will go through three main fronts at once – the battles for France and Belgium on the side of the United States, Africa on the side of the British and the liberation of the homeland from the Germans on the side of the USSR.

The series became popular due to the action and special effects, as well as the opportunity to at least partially feel the spirit of the war of that time.

It was the brightness of the moments and the plot that made Code one of the most popular games in the series.

Parts about the third world war have become more popular due to the modern setting and the expansion of cinematography to scenarios of interesting and terrible events, such as the explosion of a nuclear bomb.

Session games

This is a completely different gaming format where you play with other players, but each match is a new separate story that can be played many times, achieving different results.

The advantage of this format is a clear understanding of the time, how long the match will last.

For example, in CS:GO the game can last a maximum of one and a half hours – this is with the condition that the teams play a full draw – 15:15.

Dota 2

One of the most popular MOBA projects in which the player plays with 4 allies against 5 players from another team.

The task is to hold three lines of defense and attack opponents, destroy enemy towers and base and prevent your own from being destroyed.

In total, you can choose one of more than 100 characters, each with their own unique skills and roles.

There are carry classes – who accumulate gold and collect items in order to actively kill enemies.

There are support classes that protect their carries and attack enemies, giving their leaders the opportunity to gain combat power and win the game.

There are mid who hold their lane, gain an advantage faster than others and then realize it by helping other lanes to progress, or to keep the defense – it all depends on the situation in the game.

The first team to break through all the defense lines and destroy the enemy shrine will be the winner of the match.

Games have no time limit and Dota is interested in topics, but most of the matches are completed in 30–40 minutes of real time.


An active shooter with elements of survival and search for weapons and equipment before entering into battle with opponents and the battle for the status of the last survivor and the winner of the whole game.

PUBG is the first implemented battle royale format that has even reached eSports, occupying a confident niche there.

You will be parachuted onto the game map empty-handed and must find weapons, ammo, body armor, a helmet and backpack, grenades and medicines, and stimulants to speed up movement and reaction speed.

The game map will constantly decrease in order to motivate players to constantly fight and find out in each shootout who has more rights and desire to get closer to the top 1.

This format of the game is ideal for groups of two or more players, and ideally for 4 people, but you can also have a good time alone.


Play competitive mode to increase your rank, where each match has a price and a fixed time limit that cannot be longer than 90 minutes.

If you like a calmer and faster format, which, moreover, you can leave at any time without penalties – you will simply be replaced by another gamer who is looking for a match – these are single player modes.

Choose the cleanup format – these are short matches where the terrorists immediately plant a bomb, and the special forces must have time to knock it out in 45 seconds. You can’t buy weapons, but you need to choose from the available card options.

An excellent mode to practice knocking out a bombsite, or vice versa, its defense against superior enemy forces.


You can simply play even such a time-consuming format as an MMO RPG, simply devoting as much time to the project as you can afford, simply understanding that your progress and happiness in an MMO does not depend on the time spent on character development, although this is important , but finding the most favorite mechanics and its implementation.