Accueil Actus Women in History, DLC gratuit pour Europa Universalis IV

Women in History, DLC gratuit pour Europa Universalis IV

Paradox a profité de la journée internationale de la femme ayant eu lieu hier pour offrir un sympathique petit cadeau aux joueurs de Europa Universalis IV, à savoir un mini DLC intitulé Women in History, offrant une centaine d’évènements supplémentaires et ajoutant des personnages et portraits féminins pour les conseillers.

Ce DLC se récupère a priori automatiquement par téléchargement via Steam, avec le dernier patch 1.10.


STOCKHOLM – The pages of history books are filled with the stories of great men – but also great women: artists, authors, councilors, and rulers. Would Tenochtitlan have fallen without the language skills of Malinche guiding Cortez? Had the reign of Edward IV not been cut short by illness, would England have still ruled the seas, deprived of the strong hand of Elizabeth I?

To mark International Women’s Day (March 8th) Paradox Development Studio has created a free update for Europa Universalis IV, adding 100 great women of history to the game. Each character can be generated through event triggers (a weak regency, a colonial empire, certain ideas, etc.). Players will then have choices about how to use this talented woman. Some may join your court as advisors, some might be suitable for riskier employment as rulers or leaders.

Thomas Johansson, the head of Paradox Development Studio, says that this DLC does something important for the company’s flagship title. “It’s no surprise that the role of women in history isn’t as well known as that of men,” Johansson says. “Europa Universalis, admittedly, hasn’t done a lot to foreground their contributions. We thought that International Women’s Day was the best time to do a little bit to help balance the scales and introduce our audience to some very interesting people.” The DLC will contain the following features:

  • One Hundered new events for important women in history such as Queen Elizabeth I, Caterina Sforza and Sophie Germain.
  • Female advisors can appear at your court in place of their male counterparts.
  • Female portaits for all 22 advisor types in the game.

The Women’s History DLC is free for all Europa Universalis IV players and will be available on March 8th, 2015.


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  1. Les conseillères sont une excellente idée ! La diversité à ce niveau, tant sexuellement qu’en termes d’appartenance/apparence ethnique, constituant selon moi l’un des manques importants du jeu.

  2. Sympathique initiative … effectivement, ces éléments auraient pu être intégrés dès le début du jeu, plutôt que de constituer un DLC mais restons positif. Les choses changent et s’améliorent.

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