World in Flames : patch 02.07

En bref. Voilà une nouvelle qui devrait intéresser les amateurs de World in Flames, tout au moins ceux de l’adaptation PC parue fin 2013, à savoir que le jeu vient de bénéficier d’une nouvelle mise à jour importante. Patch dont vous trouverez les principales caractéristiques dans le communiqué ci-après, et qui en résumé corrigent de nombreux aspects du combat et des mouvements, puis poursuit entre autres les améliorations du code pour le jeu en réseau.

Tout n’est certainement pas encore parfait pour cette déclinaison informatique de ce wargame monstre par excellence, mais au moins le développement continue de progresser.

Pour plus d’informations sur le jeu, voyez cette fiche chez l’éditeur ainsi que cet ancien aperçu.


World in Flames – Official Update Release:

Hi everybody!

World in Flames has been updated to version! This update is a truly major step forwards, with tons and tons of improvements and additions. The full change list is absolutely enormous, so here below you can find some highlights!

You can download the update from the Members Area, or following this link

Version Highlights

1. Overall 300+ corrections were made to the code, with the vast majority being either minor and/or for problems that occurred under unusual circumstances.

All Modes of Play

Fixed problems with unit movement and combat:

2. Setting Up Reserves in the Declaration of War phase.

3. A variety of air missions (e.g., paradrop, port attacks, strategic bombing).

4. Air-to-air combat (e.g., interceptions, resolving combats, returning to base).

5. Using carrier air units (an optional rule).

6. Air rebases (various).

7. Unusual situations where land units are (or are not) able to enter a hex.

8. Land Combat Resolution so the rules are strictly enforced.

9. Naval movement (7) and naval combat (7).

10. Identifying supply sources and paths.

11. Calculating tertiary supply.

12. The time taken to recalculate supply.

13. Overstacking

14. Partisans

Fixed problems with end of turn processing

15. Rewrote the code for production planning routing resources to minimize the number of convoys required.

16. Improved the program’s faithfulness in processing of a player’s Default and Override settings for actions, destinations, and routes for resources.

17. Reduced the search time the program uses to find overseas paths for resources..

18. Made a half dozen improvements to the Production Planning form.

19. Fixed 6 problems with building units (Production).

20. Fixed 18 problems with Conquest, Enforced Peace, and Liberation

21. Fixed 15 various problems with creating, running, and collapsing Vichy France.

22. Added 30+ checks to avoid non-fatal error messages.

Head-to-head Play
23. Made corrections so the program properly requests the players to switch.

24. Made 50+ corrections to the code specifically for NetPlay. One major addition was the ability for each player to review his copy of a saved NetPlay game without having to go on-line. There are still several dozen NetPlay specific bugs that remain to be fixed.

  1. J’ai la version pc, mais l’interface est un peu difficile ! Pour le moment, je ne comprends même pas comment faire une Naval air mission, première étape de l’impulse …

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