En bref. Voilà qui intéressera potentiellement les amateurs du théâtre sicilien de 39-45, ou les curieux. En résumé, comme l’indique l’infographie suivante, un nouveau contenu vraiment important est disponible depuis quelques jours pour le jeu (nouvelle carte, nouvelle grille, plus d’unités, nouvelle IA, contenu historique supplémentaire, nouveaux scénarios), éléments susceptibles de grandement améliorer ce wargame qui propose en outre un gameplay un peu original.

Le but principal du développeur étant de proposer un jeu relativement simple, adapté à des parties rapides et à l’initiation de nouveaux joueurs (voyez l’ancien communiqué ci-après pour quelques précisions).

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World War 2 Operation Husky


What’s new in Version 2.0

– A new Map.
The South-East of the island.
– A new Grid.
Hexagonal disposition. Up to 6 directions of movements.
– New Counters.
The British, Canadians and Italians are joining the fight.
144 new counters for a total of 240.
– A new AI.
The strongest so far.
– New Historical Content.
Learn what forces were involved and where they came from.
– New Scenarios/Setup.
10 new ones for a total of 34.
– Variable Victory Zones.
– Multiple Landing Zones.
– More Money.

Ancien communiqué (juillet 2021)

About the game short description

World War 2 Operation Husky take place during the invasion of Sicily in 1943.

A light wargame with simple rules tailored to run smooth battles. Recommended to introduce new players to wargames basic concepts and for fast multiplayer matches.

About the game long description

World War 2 Operation Husky

Sicily Italy 1943

The invasion of Sicily in 1943 was called Operation Husky. The Allies composed of the USA, Canada and Great-Britain, were facing the Axis forces.

• The game is turn based and each turn is done in 5 phases.

• Sabotage, Repair, Reinforcement, Movement, and Combat.

• In this game, you will find over 24 different scenarios, Paratroopers, Tanks, Infantries, Anti-Aircraft, Artillery Support, Air Support.

• Clear zone, Light forest, Dense forest and Hills compose the map.

• No calculation required for your movements.

• Combats are done in 3 rounds, clearing the Combat Zone more efficiently.

• Hit Allocation Table give the players control over what unit will be hit first during Combat.

• Play one on one on the same computer, alone against the AI, against another computer on your WIFI or against someone over the internet.

• This game can be played on a Touch Screen or aTV with an Infra-Red sensor virtually transforming a TV in a Touch Screen.

• Optimized for 4K Screens and easy to learn.

About Hubert Cachat

Hi, I started this project 9 months ago as a challenge. Being an airline pilot I end up with a lot of free time during the pandemic. I have been playing wargames for a long time and most of the time the rules are way too complicated. One of my goal was to simplified and by so making wargame appealing to a wider audience. The 9 years old son of a friend was able to play the game without reading the rules. So for simplification, I say mission accomplish. Even if the game is easy to learn, my feeling is that the game is strong, Strategy wise. The AI develops for the game is not big blue and this is intended. For sure if you don’t do much against the computer it will beat you. Playing against the AI is a nice way to learn the game; it is like playing a tutorial. In reality, you will have the most fun by playing this game against a friend or a family member. You may do so on the same computer or with two computers over your WIFI or the internet. The response when connected is quick. The server code was another challenge but so far, it is working fine. The game is for PC and Mac. You may even connect a PC with a Mac. This game works with Touch screens or a mouse. A manual / Tutorial is available. The last thing I did was to translate everything in Chinese. The average game time is 1 hour. It is available on Steam.

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