Astra Exodus : retour vers le rétro

La grande famille des 4X façon Space opéra est heureuse d’accueillir aujourd’hui un nouveau venu revendiquant un retour aux racines du gameplay des classiques des années 90, mais avec un rendu style rétro adapté aux machines actuelles, évidemment. Jeu offrant un bac à sable d’ampleur galactique à explorer et coloniser autant que possible, avant ou mieux que les sept races rivales en lice, puis proposant par exemple de développer en détail ses propres flottes, et d’assister aux inévitables batailles spatiales via un module tactique se jouant lui en temps réel (pausable).

Pour plus d’informations sur Astra Exodus, voyez cette page chez l’éditeur ou cette fiche sur Steam. Vous trouverez aussi sur la chaîne YouTube de Slitherine, dans cette playlist, une vingtaine de courts tutoriels en vidéo au sujet des mécanismes du jeu.



Astra Exodus is out now

Find humanity’s home planet, or fight them to defend your alien homeworld

There’s no place like home. Humanity has reached the stars and explored the galaxy, but all memory of its home planet has been lost. Now it’s time to head back home and find the lost Earth, exploring all corners of unknown space. But be prepared: this search will be dangerous. Merciless Alien factions and Space Pirates lurk in the shadows, waiting to annihilate Human colonies and wreck their homeward-bound fleets.

Astra Exodus is the new 4x sci-fi strategy game from Slitherine: a compelling mission-driven campaign where the player will lead the Human faction in search of the lost home planet. A full sandbox game, every single campaign is unique. Players can choose any faction – or create their own – and explore a giant, dense galaxy, conquer a smaller star cluster, fight for Galactic Conquest, spearhead a peaceful victory with a Diplomatic Alliance, or overcome their limits through Evolutionary Ascension.

Explore the galaxy, colonize hospitable planets, build cities and factories, and prepare to defend them: Astra Exodus’ galaxy is full of sentient species, but very few of them are friendly.

“Our goal, which is also somehow a responsibility as one of the leaders of the strategy gaming niche, is to support indie developers with solid ideas, a vision for innovation and their feet planted on the ground of this genre”, says Marco A. Minoli, Marketing Director of Slitherine. “We have the possibility of giving selected projects a bigger visibility, substantial marketing support and two decades of experience in publishing games into an ever changing market. Astra Exodus is a project we strongly believe in and Atomic Kaiser is a developer we are proud to support and endorse”.

Build powerful fleets to explore the galaxy and defend your colonies. When it’s time to fight, command your fleet directly in a real time battle to annihilate the enemy

Astra Exodus features

– Multiple choice-driven narrative campaign
– Several possible victory conditions
– Eight different main factions
– Dynamic Sandbox mode
– Real-time tactical battles in space and on the ground
– Possibility to colonize or conquer
– Randomized tech grid to research over 300 technologies
– Possibility to design your own starship with weapons and core and support systems