Rebels and Redcoats ressort sur Android

En bref. HexWar annonce que cette adaptation du titre de Decision Games arrivée initialement sur iOS mi 2015 est désormais aussi jouable sur les systèmes utilisant Android. Le jeu proposant plus d’une vingtaine de missions, d’assez nombreuses unités et différents mécanismes intéressants pour simuler facilement ces batailles.

Pour plus d’informations sur Rebels and Redcoats, voyez cette page sur Steam, cette page sur l’Appstore, celle-ci sur Google Play, ou encore celle-là chez l’éditeur. Et si besoin cette première et cette seconde pour les deux volets de la version sur tables.


Rebels and Redcoats out now on Android.

– 5 Mission ‘Tutorial’ Campaign.
– 5 Mission ‘Resistance’ Campaign.
– 5 Mission ‘Revolution’ Campaign.
– 4 Mission ‘Evolution’ Campaign.
– 4 Mission ‘Nemesis’ Campaign.
– All missions, apart from the tutorial, can be played as both sides.
– 37 different historical models representing 26 different unit types.
– Three classes of troop quality – Raw, Average and Veteran.
– New general quality mechanic, affecting command radius and leadership benefits.
– 14 different troop classes including infantry (line, grenadiers, guard, and militia), light infantry (and jägars), light cavalry (light dragoons and hussars), dragoons and artillery (4pdr and 6pdr).
– 5 types of infantry formation – Line, Column, Open Order, Square, Unformed.
– New joint Artillery and infantry formations, allowing for effective and resilient combined units.
– New troop morale mechanic (Disruption)
– New ‘light’ woods that block line of sight but don’t give a defensive bonus.
– Detailed Combat Analysis
– Map zoom
– Flank Attacks
– Strategic Movement

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Other News from HexWar

Over next few months, all of our games will become available on Android, via Google Play, and on PC via Steam.

Recently almost every HexWar game has been updated with a wide range of upgrades, these have included smoother graphics, improved map zoom, improved AI opponents, as well as fixing any issues reported by users. This program of continual updates continues for even our oldest games.

Some of our games have been withdrawn from sale on the Apple App stores. This is as a result of a policy change at Apple. Multiple editions of the same game are no longer allowed. As a result ‘Lite’, ‘Free’ and most ‘Gold’ editions can no longer be updated as they cannot pass the approval process at Apple. These games have not been deleted from the App stores, so existing owners can still download them. It is just that they are no longer available to new customers and cannot be updated with any new features.

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