Aven Colony : sortie et trailer

Nouveau cette semaine chez Team 17, voici un joli city-builder original, jeu dans lequel il s’agit de construire la première colonie humaine installée sur une lointaine planète. En plus de devoir gérer cette ville futuriste, et donc les ressources à sa disposition, il faudra aussi la protéger de différentes menaces provenant de la faune et de la flore locale, et éventuellement explorer ce nouveau monde pour mettre à jour ses secrets.

Pour plus d’informations sur Aven Colony voyez le communiqué suivant ainsi que cette page sur Facebookcelle-ci sur Steam, ou encore le site officiel.


Aven Colony is OUT NOW!

Greetings, to all prospective Governors!

The colonization of Aven Prime is finally upon us!

To those that have supplied feedback through the beta phases and demo; thanks for helping make the game what it is today – we couldn’t have done it without you. To those new to Aven Colony, welcome to Aven Prime! We can’t wait for you all to explore this beautiful but treacherous place, and uncover its many secrets!

Once you’ve settled in your new colonies, do let us know how you get on by sharing your feedback in the Community Hub, or reporting any issues you might encounter.

Make sure to keep an eye on @AvenColony for the latest news on the game – and its future.

Aven Colony update notes: 1.0.20217

Hi everyone!

We launched Aven Colony just two days ago, and have already received a ton of feedback from all you of – thanks a lot for that! We know what you love, and we know what you wish was better, and we’ll use this to make the game even better for everyone.

The first post-launch update is out TODAY and adds in-game language selection along with a slew of bug fixes. Keep reporting any pesky bugs you might find, and we’ll keep squashing them. The only thing worse than alien bugs are game bugs, so thanks again for bringing those to our attention.

We’ve got some exciting plans for upcoming free content drops that will add new features and content to the game, but rest assured we’ll keep collecting any feedback, and tweak and tune the game where we can.

To change your language in-game, just go to the Options menu, then select the new “Languages” tab at the bottom:

Changes in this update:

Added a Language panel to the Options tab to let you select your language at runtime rather than using the current language in Windows
Fixed a very rare stability issue related to defeating Hover Guardian robots in the late campaign or in sandbox missions
Made “Steam Cloud Saves” text also grey out if Steam Cloud isn’t available
Increased the shadow distance to cover some cases where shadows weren’t long enough
Lots of improvements to localized text, especially Russian and German
Fixes to ensure that colonists now say things like “This situation is terrifying!” much less often, and only in dangerous situations
Fixed some issues with the layout of the main menu was suboptimal at some resolutions. We’re still aware of some issues with the in-game UI at 1600×1200 and are working to resolve those
Consumer Goods production is now turned off when you run out of Nanites. We are working on a solution to allow Mills and Chemical Plants to generate resources in limited quantities rather than just turning production on or off, but in the meantime, this should help mitigate issues with players running out of Nanites due to Consumer Goods production being left on and chewing through Nanites.
Consumer Goods are now generated much more slowly
Reduced bird squawking volume

Thank you for being part of the Aven Colony community.