Awakening, nouveau DLC pour Endless Space 2

Voici pour accompagner la sortie en cette fin de semaine de ce deuxième add-on majeur deux jolies vidéos récapitulant, d’une part, les principales caractéristiques de la faction des Nakalim, en résumé une ancienne faction pieuse composée d’explorateurs, de guerriers et de croyants, et d’autre part un court prologue montrant lui l’ambiance très soignée du jeu.

Pour plus d’informations sur Endless Space 2 – Awakening, voyez cette page sur Steam ainsi que notre test du jeu de base.




Paris & Buenos Aires, September 10th – We here at Amplitude, in collaboration with NGD Studios, are happy to announce today that “Awakening”, the latest expansion for Endless Space 2, is available now. If you’ve never played ES2 before, allow us to fill you in: it’s a galactic turn-based strategy game that puts you at the helm of your very own space empire. The Endless universe is full of different factions vying for control, each with their own stories and unique characteristics that make for radically different gameplay depending on which faction you’ve selected as a player.

We’ve pushed this asymmetry even further with “Awakening”, by introducing the all-new Nakalim faction. Typically, what ES2 factions have in common is that they start the game focused on growth and expansion. As the Nakalim, however, you will begin as an extremely technologically advanced society that has recently been awakened from a dormant state. Your mission will not be to expand, but rather to seek ancient relics and reconquer lost lands, and to maintain your lead all the while staving off decline.

But the Nakalim are just one element of this jam-packed new expansion. Here’s the rundown of everything that’s included:


Nakalim – The aforementioned new playable faction has a large technology head start, balanced by weak science per turn. They depend on discovering lost Relics to learn new technologies. Their relationship with the Academy allows them to gain control over other systems through the Influence of their temples.

Four new Heroes – The Nakalim are explorers, warriors, and believers. Use these heroes to master exploration and for developing systems and diplomatic influence.

New fleet – Re-discover and take control of your ancient territories with heavily defended exploration-oriented fleets.

Minor Faction – Xirmisala – Dust-sensitive philosophers whose skills were defined by the community via a Games2Gether vote.

Academy empire – The Academy has always been the training ground for Endless Space’s legendary heroes. In “Awakening”, the Academy becomes an empire with the ability to manage star systems, fleets, and colonize new worlds. Contribute to their expansion, and you will be duly rewarded with special Academy roles that will give you special powers and bonuses, as well as access to the Academy’s own fleet of impressive ships.

Awakening is available now on Steam for £10.99.

Watch the Awakening gameplay trailer on YouTube here.

Hope you enjoy! – The Ampliteam & NGD Studios

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