Battle of Tarawa 1943, nouvelle campagne pour Conflicts

En bref. Nouveau ce week-end dans cette série offrant aux wargamers sur Android une large palette de batailles, voici une simulation du sanglant débarquement des US Marines fin 1943 sur Betio, la plus grande île d’un atoll fortifié qui donna lieu à la fameuse bataille de Tarawa.

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“It would take one million men one hundred years to conquer Tarawa”
– Japanese commander Keiji Shibazaki

In Operation Galvanic the U.S. Marines tried to conquer it in much less time, with much less men. You are in command of the U.S. Marine forces tasked with carrying out amphibious assault on Betio, which was the largest island in the Tarawa Atoll in spite of being only 0.59 square miles. Tarawa, located in the Gilbert Islands, was needed as a forward air base for the future operations in the Pacific, giving the U.S. Marine Corps a chance to test its doctrine on how to execute an amphibious assault against a fortified atoll.

Several challenges emerged: The U.S. naval bombardment created so much smoke that all visibility was lost, and the coral reefs shredded both the landing plans and boats (resulting founding of the U.S. Navy Underwater Demolition Teams, the precursor of the U.S. Navy SEALS).

In spite of the nightmare start the U.S. Marines gallantly waded on the beaches in several locations, only to discover that they were in the middle of fortified Japanese positions, which had survived the week of aerial attacks. The only option left for the U.S. Marines, squeezed between the reef maze and fortifications, was to keep the costly assault going on against the Imperial Japanese Navy, who knew it effectively had nowhere to fall back to on this tiny island.

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