Black Sunday, nouveau DLC pour Steel Division 2

En bref. Une nouvelle extension est arrivée il y a quelques jours pour ce très joli STR, add-on abordant les batailles dans le sud de la Roumanie lors de la fin de l’été 1944, quand les soviétiques lançaient de vastes opérations contre l’Axe.

Au menu précisément l’offensive Jassy-Kichinev, deux campagnes ou encore plus de 150 nouvelles unités. De quoi bien s’occuper tout en découvrant un front plutôt méconnu.

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Steel Division 2 - Black Sunday Steel Division 2 - Black Sunday


Black Sunday Expansion Available Now!

OUT NOW: Black Sunday Expansion Brings Romanian Battlefields to Steel Division 2

Good tidings, commander!

The latest History DLC Steel Division 2: Black Sunday is now available!

Our newest expansion transports you to the blasted hot battlefields on the Romanian frontier in the summer of 1944. Set during the strategic Soviet Jassy-Kishinev offensive that drove into Axis Romania, Steel Division 2: Black Sunday features a ton of new content, including a completely new nation (Romania), six new divisions, two (!) new Army General campaigns, 150 new units, and much more!

Keep on reading to find out all the juicy details.

Six new divisions (and one new nation)!

Steel Division 2: Black Sunday brings six new divisions, three on each side, with the Axis battlegroups compromised completely by new Romanian divisions. Whoop!

Read about each new division in one of the following Black Sunday Versus blog posts:

– Armored Warfare Versus: Div. 1 Blindata “România Mare” squares off against 7-y Mekh. Korpus.
– Mixed “hybrid” Versus: Division 5 Cavalerie Motorizata goes up against Morskaya Gruppa Bakhtina.
– Elite Infantry Versus: Div. 4 Munte takes on the 3-ya VDV.


New Units, New Weapons, New Models

The new expansion features over 150 new units, including 21 brand-new models and 22 major variants. With Steel Division 2: Black Sunday you get to play with vehicles such as the Vanatorul de Care R-35 tank destroyer, the TACAM T-60, the Resita AC 75mm AT gun, the IAR-80M fighters, the Red Army’s historical T-80, SU-76i, off-map MLRS rocket BKA river boats, and more.

You’ll also find new Romanian infantry models, such as cavalrymen (Rosiori), motorized infantry (Vanatori Moto), and elite mountaineers (Vanatori de Munte). The VDV elite infantry can be found with the Red Army. There are also new weapon models, and all Romanian soldiers are fully voiced by native speakers (including curses and judicious swearing).

Two massive new Army General Campaigns

The Soviet Jassy-Kishinev offensive which broke through the Axis defensive lines on the borders of Romania is represented in Steel Division 2: Black Sunday with two massive brand-new Army General strategic campaigns. Each campaign focuses on one of the pincers of the Red Army’s operation, with completely different maps, unit dispositions and tactical considerations. These campaigns can be played and replayed solo or online with the free Army General Versus mode.

Read more about the two Army General campaigns featured in Steel Division 2: Black Sunday in the original reveal blog post.

New Aces, New Camouflage Skins

Two new Aces are also included in the expansion. These special gold-rimmed units are commanded by real-life war heroes and carry their own unique camouflage patterns. They don’t offer any gameplay advantage over their Steel Division 2’s vanilla versions, however.

The new Romanian Ace is Lazar Munteanu, a Romanian tank buster pilot, flying a Hs-129 B-2/R-2. He can be found with the Romanian Div. 4 Munte. The new Soviet Ace is Konstantin Dmitrievich Denisov, a fighter ace and Hero of the Soviet Union. Found with the 7-y Mekh. Korpus, this Ace’s warplane is a P-40N Kittyhawk.

You can also find 15 new Camouflage Skins in the Black Sunday expansion, allowing you to deck out your favorite tanks and units with an alternative paint job. These include new patterns for Panther D, b]Hs-129 B-2/R-2, Fw-180 F-8, Romanian R-35, the Soviet Spitfire Mk.VB, Pe-2 bomber, SU-76M, and more.

Read all about new Aces and Camouflage Skins in the following Steel Division 2: Black Sundayblog post.

Steel Division 2’s History Pass

If you were wondering what the best way is to experience the Steel Division 2 History expansions? Go and get your hands on the Steel Division 2’s History Pass. The History Pass grants you access to all three released History DLCs for Steel Division 2. The History Pass includes the new “Black Sunday” expansion, as well as the The Fate of Finland expansion and The Death on the Vistula expansion.

Go forth, and have fun!

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That’s all for today. We’ll be back later this week with details of the third Nemesis DLC option!

Have fun and see you on the battlefield, commander!


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