Blood Feud in Transylvania, nouveau DLC pour Steel Division 2

En bref. Un nouvel add-on est arrivé aujourd’hui pour le prolifique Steel Division 2, extension qui propose de jouer un aspect peu connu de 39-45, à savoir l’affrontement fin 1944 entre la Hongrie du coté de l’Axe et la Roumanie peu après qu’elle ait rejoint les Alliés.

A noter qu’un futur DLC, Nemesis: Siege of Dunkirk, sera sur le thème du siège de Dunkerque.

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Blood Feud in Transylvania Out Now!
Good news, everyone!

Today is the day that the latest major expansion hits Steel Division 2’s shores; get ready for some Romanian versus Hungarian action in Steel Division 2: Blood Feud in Transylvania.

Get going and start downloading. While you wait for the expansion to finish installing, be sure to check out all the new good things being brought to you by Steel Division 2: Blood Feud in Transylvania.

Blood Feud in Transylvania has arrived!

Steel Division 2: Blood Feud in Transylvania is the latest major expansion for Steel Division 2, focusing on a heavily contested campaign between two former allies: Axis Hungary and recently turned Allied Romania. The mythical Transylvania is the scene of the battlefield.

What can you play with in the new Steel Division: Blood Feud in Transylvania expansion?

A new Army General campaign focussing on the bloody conflict in Transylvania between the two “frenemies” in September 1944. Read more about the Army General campaign in this DevBlog.

Six new divisions, with two being Axis Hungarian and one German, and three being Allied Romanian.

The 2. Páncéloshadosztály (2nd Armored Division), Axis Hungary’s best-equipped formation in the summer of 1944. Expect to find a host of armor, from recon Panzer III M and heavier Parduc and Tigris tanks (Hungarian designations for Panther and Tiger), Nimrod self-propelled AA guns, and well-armed motorized squads.
The 25. Hadosztály (25th Infantry Division), a formation primarily made up of Romanian-speaking recruits. A few Zrinyi II assault guns provide fire support, while Raba Vr self-propelled anti-air trucks and off-map 105mm guns with a WM-21 Solyom biplane spotter can also be deployed. In late phases, it gets some support from German 23. Panzerdivision.
The Germans are represented with Sperrverband Kessel, an ad-hoc battlegroup formed around the charismatic commander Mortimer von Kessel. Lacking tanks and with a varying mix of soldiers, the formation excels in its support units, from Csendor Hungarian gendarmerie with CV.33 tankettes to flamethrowing SdKfz. 251/16 half-tracks and StuH 42s.
The Divizia 9 Infanterie, a well-trained battlegroup, reinforced with the “Jupiter” armored detachment. A mix of German equipment from SdKfz. 222 armored recon cars to Panzer IV and Stug III armor can be found in this formation.
The Divizia 8 Cavalerie Motorizata, a partially motorized division, denuded of its tanks, but counting on the disgraced ex-bodyguards of the former Romanian Axis dictator, Ion Antonescu, within its ranks. Some anti-tank units, including Romanian Tacam R-2, Hetzer tank destroyer, and Resita towed guns, can be used.
Corpul 6 Teritorial is a reserve formation hastily thrown into combat, with a wide range of infantry, but few tanks and heavy artillery. Soviet troops reinforce this formation, including T-70 recon tanks, Strelki squads, and T34/85s.

One new 2vs2 map, Oarba, inspired by the actual battle of Oarba de Mures. The new level will be delivered to the entire community alongside the expansion.

Two new Aces: the Hungarian tank commander Lieutenant Ervin Tarczay and Romanian fighter Captain Dan Vizanti. Read more about them in this DevBlog here.


We noticed a few graphical issues with this version:

one Hungarian tank (command TURAN I) has a WIP production icon
some Hungarian tanks in Army General are missing their side view picture in their stat sheet.
Hungarian air squadrons in Army General have a placeholder (Panzer-Lehr) coat-of-arms.

Those issues are already fixed on our end but couldn’t be included in this version without dlaying it. Therefore they will be quickly hotfixed.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

See you on the battlefield

We can’t wait to hear what you think of Steel Division 2: Blood Feud in Transylvania.

With this major expansion finally released, Eugen’s cookie jar is not finished yet. Tune in next week to find out what we are working on next.

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See you on the battlefield, commander!


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