Accueil Actus Vidéos Boshin War : nouveau DLC pour Fire and Maneuver

Boshin War : nouveau DLC pour Fire and Maneuver

Une seconde extension est disponible depuis le week-end dernier pour ce wargame tactique traitant spécialement de la période de l’ère victorienne. Add-on qui se concentre ici sur la guerre civile qui ravagea le Japon vers 1868, ce que le jeu retranscrit via plusieurs batailles historiques et campagnes non historiques.

Parallèlement, sachez que le jeu est passé en version 2.0 la semaine dernière, mise à jour qui améliore et corrige de très nombreuses choses (voir la vidéo suivante et ce changelog) et qui au passage marque la fin du modèle Free to Play pour ce jeu (celui-ci est désormais payant, à peine 15 euros toutefois).

Pour plus d’informations sur Fire and Maneuver Expansion: Boshin War, voyez cette fiche sur Steam. Au sujet de Fire and Maneuver, voyez cette page sur Steam et celle-ci sur Patreon.



Boshin War DLC: Now Available!
We’re excited to announce the release of the Boshin War DLC for Fire and Maneuver!

This new expansion takes place in Japan during the Boshin War, a period of civil war and political upheaval that ultimately led to the end of the samurai era and the formation of the modern Japanese state.

Players will have the opportunity to command new Japanese and Imperial forces, including samurai, imperial soldiers, and powerful artillery units. The DLC features a brand new campaign with multiple branching paths, as well as new scenarios and battles set in the unique terrain of Japan.

The Boshin War DLC features two new factions: the Shogunate and the Imperial Court. The Shogunate represents the forces loyal to the last Shogun, Tokugawa Yoshinobu, who sought to preserve the feudal system and maintain his power. They field highly disciplined and professional troops, including samurai warriors armed with traditional weapons such as katana swords and yari spears. Represented in game as the ferocious tiger

The Imperial Court, on the other hand, represents the forces of the Emperor, who sought to overthrow the Shogunate and modernize Japan. They field a mix of conscripted peasants and samurai who have adopted modern firearms and tactics. While lacking the traditional martial prowess of the Shogunate, the Imperial forces make up for it with sheer numbers and a willingness to embrace new technology. Represented in game as the graceful crane

In addition to new units and maps, the Boshin War DLC also includes quality of life improvements, balance changes, and bug fixes based on player feedback. We’ve also added Japanese voicelines and a new user interface tailored to the setting of the Boshin War. The new soundtracks that have been added to the game further enhance the immersive experience of this pivotal moment in Japanese history.

We hope you enjoy this exciting new addition to Fire and Maneuver, and we look forward to hearing your feedback as you lead your armies to victory in the Boshin War!

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