Axis Operations – 1945, prochain DLC pour Panzer Corps 2

En bref. Slitherine confirme que l’ultime volet de la série d’add-on nommée Axis Operations va très prochainement être disponible. Extension qui permettra de poursuivre la campagne jouée dans les précédents volets, et proposera dix-huit scénarios (voir la liste dans le communiqué). On remarquera qu’il est évoqué très brièvement qu’en fait un autre module estampillé Axis Operations pourrait peut-être encore arriver. On suppose relativement au cours non historique de la campagne du jeu.

Pour plus d’informations sur Panzer Corps 2: Axis Operations – 1945, dont la date de sortie n’est pas encore connue, voyez cette page chez l’éditeur et cette page sur Steam.

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Ou aussi sur le jeu en général ces récits de parties, Panzer Corps 2 : le siège de Lille et Panzer Corps 2 : Fall Weiss, compte rendu de partie (1) ainsi que notre test : Panzer Corps 2 : une longue attente pour une belle réussite.


Panzer Corps 2: Axis Operations - 1945
Ce DLC comportera deux campagnes très différentes, l’une historique, l’autre hypothétique.


Panzer Corps 2: Axis Operations – 1945 is coming soon

Germany lies in ruins. Relentlessly assaulted on all sides and pounded mercilessly by Allied Strategic Bombing, the German Reich still refuses to admit defeat. Last ditch counteroffensives are put into action in a desperate attempt to turn the tide of the Second World War. Will these desperate gambles pay off, or will they continue to heap misery and death upon the German Wehrmacht?

The War Concludes

In the Historical Campaign of 1945 East, you will experience the final months of the Second World War from a perspective so rarely covered in other games of the genre as you prepare your Wehrmacht forces for their final, desperate offensives.

To properly tell this story, the historical campaign focuses extensively on not just the final battles on the Eastern Front, but also the surrounding context. What did last ditch attacks such as Operation Bodenplatte or Spring Awakening really accomplish, but also at what terrible costs did they come with?

As you fight to the bitter end, learn the real fates of both true Historical German figures and also uncover the fates of the Axis Operation’s unique cast of characters. In doing so, find out for yourself some of the truths of why so many rank and file Wehrmacht soldiers continued the fighting well past any hope of achieving victory in the Second World War.

The War Continues

But once again, [b]the latest Panzer Corps 2 Axis Operations content pack contains yet another campaign![/b] Be ready to continue the story of Ahistorical 1944 right where it left off after victory at the Battle of Ploesti. Despite repelling the Western Allied landings at Normandy and halting the Soviet invasion of Easter Europe, Germany still stands at an impasse. Total victory seems further than ever, as Allied resolve is merely shaken and apparently nowhere near broken. And now another major offensive is prepared in the East, but to what ultimate end? Can it actually bring total victory, or will it just continue to bleed all nations involved?

Discovered the uncharted history of the Axis Operations 1945 Alternate campaign, and see where it ends… or where it will merely end up next!

To give players the most freedom of choice, both campaigns are immediately available for all players to begin. There are no prerequisites or barriers to launching either campaign. Newly formed Panzer Corps or deeply imported forces have equal choice in which campaign path to pursue and explore.

Continue with your own Panzer Corps

Players can import their core forces that completed the previous Axis Operations 1944 East campaign or use a preset core force to directly launch into the Axis Operations 1945 East campaign.

While imported forces can seek additional growth and challenges through increased difficulty settings, advanced game modes, and new elite objectives, the preset force contains a moderate amount of experienced units and an assortment of heroes enough to allow any player to succeed in this new campaign.

Total freedom of choice is on offer in Axis Operations 1945. There are no prerequisites or barriers to launching either campaign. Newly formed Panzer Corps or deeply imported forces have equal choice in which campaign path to pursue and explore.

For veteran campaigners with a force ready to import into this latest DLC, it is recommended to continue with your Historical or Ahistorical campaign paths to fully experience the content’s extensive narratives.

The end of the Axis Operations?

The end of 1945 East is (potentially) not the end of your campaign though, it is merely the latest step. At the conclusion of Axis Operations 1945 East, players will again be presented with the option to save their core force for use in the next installment of the Axis Operations Campaign, should there be one!
Any campaign of the Axis Operations can be played individually as a standalone campaign.

New 18 Scenario List

• Operation Puma
• Operation Wagtail
• Operation Tannenberg
• Munich
• Operation Feuerkartoffel
• Reichstag
• Zahidan
• Operation Hydra
• Case Bruno
• Tata
• Operation Bodenplatte
• Operation Konrad III
• Operation Southwind
• Operation Spring Awakening
• Vienna Offensive
• Battle of Seelow Heights
• End in Berlin
• End in Salzburg

Panzer Corps 2: Axis Operations – 1945 is coming soon wishlist now on Steam and on Slitherine


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