Carrier Command 2 : nouveau trailer

MicroProse diffuse une nouvelle bande-annonce pour accompagner la sortie cette semaine de la suite de ce jeu de stratégie original vous mettant aux commandes d’un porte-avion futuriste avec lequel vous allez devoir conquérir et défendre des îles.

Titre à ne pas confondre avec cet autre remake par Bohemia Interactive nommé Carrier Command : Gaea Mission sorti en 2012 (voyez à ce propos cette fiche sur Steam) et qui avait donc relancé ce jeu datant des années 80.

Pour plus d’informations sur Carrier Command 2, qui aura donc eu un peu plus de retard que prévu, voyez cette page sur Steam ou celle-ci chez l’éditeur.



MicroProse’s Carrier Command 2 is out on Steam NOW and has a New Trailer

The day has come to hop on your futuristic carrier and rule the sea of an alien world. Carrier Command 2 is out now on Steam.
We are also excited to announce that Carrier Command 2 sports a VR version, showcased in a shiny new trailer. The one and only version of the game in fact includes the normal version, the VR version, and the original soundtrack.

Carrier Command 2 demo at the recent Steam Next Festival was the 6th most downloaded one, out of a total of 700+ demos.

Enjoy the shiny new Release Trailer!

Launch Stream Event – it’s a date!

The developers are running a live stream of the game at the time of launch: 10th of August, at 16:00 GMT. But don’t worry, you will be able to watch that even later as the footage will stay online on the store page for few days.

What is the Carrier Command 2 experience?

Carrier Command 2 is Strategy, Planning and Teamwork on a scale that is both engaging and manageable. True to MicroProse’s heritage, Carrier Command 2 is all about meaningful decisions.

Strategize: Gather intel from your vehicles’ radars, pick your tools of the trade, and launch your attacks where the enemy is weaker. The approach you take to a situation will play a big part in the outcome.

Plan: Once you have taken an island you will need to exploit and defend the resources it provides. Ensuring these supply lines remain open will be key to your survival. Think ahead.

Teamwork: Make the most of different unit synergies and create combined arms assaults to efficiently win battles. On top of that, get into each and every vehicle and take part in the action.

Lead from the front!

The VR Version

In the VR edition, players can control all the same systems, vehicles, and controls, from the bridge of the ACC Epsilon Carrier. They can use VR controllers to move and interact with controls, and remote pilot vehicles. Use the holomap with 3D vision. Play single-player, cooperative campaign, and PvP multiplayer!

Because Carrier Command 2 and Carrier Command 2 VR are such similar games, we don’t expect players to pay twice – we are packaging both together, so when you own one version, you own both.

This is the same game, with the same balance and same mechanics. The exciting aspect about this is – CC2 VR is multiplayer compatible with CC2!


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