Cartel Tycoon : début de la bêta

En bref. voici un trailer pour accompagner le lancement de la version Accès anticipé de ce jeu simulant plus ou moins la construction d’un empire de la drogue, dans le contexte de l’Amérique latine des années 80. Jeu dans lequel il vous faudra affronter les autorités locales, l’armée, et l’agence de la DEA, mais aussi d’autres barons rivaux.

Pour plus d’informations sur Cartel Tycoon, dont la sortie est envisagée vers le troisième trimestre prochain, voyez cette fiche sur Steam et le site officiel. Une feuille de route est disponible par ici.



The wait is over! Cartel Tycoon is now available in Steam Early Access.

Expand and conquer, fight off rival cartels and evade the authorities. Earn people’s loyalty and strive to overcome the doomed fate of a power-hungry drug lord.

Key features

Grow your empire.
Develop your humble farming operation into a massive logistical system comprising plantations, laboratories, aerodromes, and more.
Reign your way.
Tycoon action on an epic scale with dozens of upgrade paths and endless strategic combinations.
Death is inevitable.
When your capo falls, promote one of your unique lieutenants to take control and continue growing your cartel.
Everything – and everyone – has a price.
Launder your hard-earned cash to develop your empire, maintain your lieutenants’ allegiance, and bribe corrupt politicians.
Defend what’s yours.
Evade the authorities and square off against rival cartels on the path to profit.
Endless replayability.
Explore a dynamic narrative system with dozens of unique characters combined with limitless sandbox gameplay.

What’s new in Steam Early Access?

10 unique regions to conquer, each with its own unique Mayor
More than 40 lieutenants with unique personalities, abilities, and quests
Deeper management systems – lieutenants’ loyalty, city development, cash transporting, and more
All-new introductory missions and an expanded storyline (10-15 hours for the first playthrough)
Countless hours of sandbox gameplay
Cartel customization
And much more…

For more details on what we’ve already done and what we plan to do, please check out our offficial development roadmap.

Join the official Cartel Tycoon Discord to learn more and chat with the development team – and be sure to follow us on social media for all the latest news and updates.


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