Chain of Command : nouvelle vidéo

En bref. Le futur ambitieux STR Chain of Command s’est dévoilé un peu plus dernièrement au travers d’une courte vidéo montrant une formation de bombardiers allemands survolant un vaste territoire. Ce qui illustre assez bien le potentiel du jeu, dont l’objectif des développeurs est qu’il simule à la fois ludiquement et historiquement de grandes opérations militaires ayant eu lieu en 39-45 (ex : bataille de France, Débarquement, Normandie, …).

Faute d’en savoir plus pour le moment, voilà tout au moins une vidéo qui rassurera sur le futur de ce titre dont on avait plus beaucoup entendu parler.

Pour plus d’informations sur Chain of Command, voyez le blog officiel où vous trouverez d’anciens articles présentant ce projet. Et la page Facebook ou la chaîne YouTube du studio, où vous trouverez par exemple quelques pré-alphas screenshots et deux autres récents minis aperçus des mécanismes du jeu.


June update

We are approaching a development milestone which means more interaction and game play is integrated and exposed.
One of the key elements in the design of “Chain of Command” is that every single unit in the game is a fully autonomous entity, sensing, thinking and acting on its own. So within the scope of the order from its commanding unit, it decides what action is the most appropriate.
This is demonstrated in today’s movie where a French infantry company is confronted with a German Panzer company with superior soft-target strength.

February 2017 report:

For those who were wondering what we are up to and why the long radio silence, thank you for your patience!

Most of our time was spend under the hood to fine-tune some key technologies that allow us to simulate the amount of units required for Chain of Command. In particular the implementation of our “Entity Component System” (ECS) on the GPU using OpenCL. We may have a blog entry on this subject later.

Work on the UI/UX design started with help of a new addition to the team. He’s an experienced designer, UX expert and art-director. His broad range of skill is exactly what our team needed.

We plan to bring back monthly updates here on Facebook and the more in-depth blog entries on our website.

In our last update we promised shots of big unit counts, so I’ve added a couple to the gallery.
As always, all visuals are temporary and intended for development so in now way representative for the final product.