Civilization VI : voici Basil II et Ambiorix

2K a présenté récemment les deux nouvelles civilisations allant rejoindre demain les rangs de Civ VI et ainsi diversifier un peu plus encore les parties. Il s’agira d’une part de Byzance et d’autre part des Gaulois. Ou du moins pour ces derniers d’une des tribus qui constituèrent ce peuple, celle des Eburons de Gallia Belgica qui entre autre se révoltèrent contre César en 54-53 BC.

A cela s’ajoutera une mise à jour ajoutant entre autre un nouveau mode de jeu dit Dramatic Ages, puis des Merveilles supplémentaires. A noter au passage que la précédente mise à jour parue en août a ajouté elle un mode permettant varier l’arbre technologique et civique, en mélangeant les découvertes, puis a équilibré et corrigé divers mécanismes (voir le changelog ci après).

Pour plus d’informations sur le pass New Frontier, voyez cette fiche sur Steam. Notez que ce nouveau pack devrait aussi arriver à part, si besoin. Et que trois autres packs sont prévues d’ici à début 2021.

Concernant Civilization VI – Gathering Storm, voyez le site officiel ou cette fiche sur Steam.



Civilization VI – First Look: Ambiorix Leads Gaul

Ambiorix was the co-ruler of the Eburone tribe of Gallia Belgica (north-eastern Gaul, modern-day Belgium) who led an insurrection against Caesar’s occupying forces in the winter of 54/53 BCE. Although his real name has been lost to history, he remains well-known by his title, “Ambiorix,” which means “The King in All Directions.”

Unique Leader Ability – King of the Eburones

Ambiorix’s “King of the Eburones” ability allows his civilization to gain additional Culture based on unit cost when a non-civilian is trained. Melee, anti-cavalry, and ranged units also receive bonus Combat Strength for every adjacent combat unit.
Unique Gaul Ability – Hallstatt Culture

Mines provide minor adjacent bonuses for all districts, a Culture bomb of unowned territory, and receive bonus Culture. Specialty districts do not receive a minor adjacency for being adjacent to another district and these districts cannot be built adjacent to the City Center.

Unique Unit – The Gaesatae

Ambiorix’’s elite units are more expensive to train, but receive additional Combat Strength when fighting stronger units and district defenses.

Unique District – The Oppidum

This district is cheaper and available earlier than the Industrial Zone and unlocks the Apprenticeship technology when constructed. It is defensible, offering its own ranged attack, and receives a major adjacency bonus from Quarries and strategic resources.


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Civilization VI – First Look: Basil II Leads Byzantium

Basil II (aka Basilius II) was the emperor of the Byzantine Empire from 976 to 1025 CE. He is remembered for conquering ancient Bulgaria, where he became known as the Bulgar-Slayer (Bulgaroktonos). Basil II’s reign is one of the most significant in Byzantine history due to his constant military campaigns; these exploits led to the zenith of Byzantine power in the Middle Ages. The restoration of the Danubian frontier helped establish a more stable and secure border for the empire in Europe, maintaining a stronger frontier against Hungarian and Pecheneg raiders.

Unique Leader Ability – Porphyrogénn?tos
Basil II’s “Porphyrogénn?tos” ability allows Heavy and Light Cavalry units to do full damage against cities following the same religion as Byzantium. Basil II also gains the Tagma unique unit when the Divine Right civic is discovered.

Unique Units – The Dromon and the Tagma
The Dromon replaces the Quadrireme, has additional range, and receives additional Combat Strength against units. The Tagma replaces the Knight and grants nearby land units additional Combat Strength or Religious Strength.

Unique District – The Hippodrome
This district replaces the Entertainment Complex district, is cheaper to build, and provides additional Amenities. Grants a Heavy Cavalry unit when the Hippodrome and its buildings are constructed.

Civilization VI – September 2020 DLC Comes to New Frontier Pass September 24

This pack two new civilizations and leaders , a new Dramatic Ages game mode, additional World Wonders and a new map script.

Look for more info on all the new content as we approach launch on September 24th.


Civilization VI – August 2020 Game Update Available Now

We’re excited to announce the August 2020 Game Update is now available to all Civilization VI players.

Included in this update is the new Natural Wonder picker, which lets you customize the Natural Wonders that will (or won’t) show up in your game, and the Tech and Civics Shuffle mode, a new way of playing that randomizes your path forward on the Tech and Civics trees. Read on for the full list of what’s in today’s free game update.

While we were testing the August game update, we encountered an issue that was causing PC and Mac/Linux cross-play to become desynced around the mid-game point. For now, we’ll be turning off cross-play while we work with our partners at Aspyr to investigate a fix and we’ll be sharing updates as soon as we get them. Everyone will still receive the update tomorrow and Mac/Linux users will still be able to play with each other; we wanted to make sure this didn’t come as a surprise and really appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding here.


Tech and Civic Shuffle Mode

This new game mode adds variety to the tech tree, as it shuffles techs and civics within their historical eras, leading to different costs and prerequisites than normal. The resulting trees are the same for all players. Techs and civics are also hidden until a prerequisite is earned, preserving the mystery of discovery all the way until the end of the game.

Natural Wonder Picker

Sick of the Bermuda Triangle? Want to break the Delicate Arch? In Advanced Setup, you can now bring up a new menu to choose which Natural Wonders you would like to include in your next game. Wonders checked are not guaranteed to be in your next game, rather, they are part of the pool of Wonders that will then be randomly selected and placed.


Items in the list below apply to the Gathering Storm ruleset only.



Removed the free population amenity.
Added an amenity to the palace.
Increased the Golf Course amenities by 1.
Decreased all negative amenity level thresholds by 1. Increase Happy and Ecstatic’s minimum by 2.

o New city thresholds:

Ecstatic at 5+
Happy at 3 to 4
Content at -1 to 2
Displeased at -3 to -2
Unhappy at -5 to -4
Unrest at -7 to -6
Revolt at -8

o Negative amenities non-food yield decrease changes:

Displeased -10%, was -5%
Unhappy -20%, was -10%
Unrest -30% (stays the same)
Revolt -40%, was -60%

The Theater Square now gains a major adjacency bonus with the Entertainment complex and Water Park.

Government Plaza Buildings

Grand Master’s Chapel provides +5 faith.
+3 Diplomatic Favor from the Foreign Ministry.

The Naturalist unit now initially costs 600 Faith and will increase by 100 Faith after each purchase.
Fixed issues that prevented Apostles from receiving all available promotions.
The Appeal stat has been added to the trait section of the Districts, Terrains, Improvements, and Features Civilopedia pages.
The text for the Acropolis district now correctly shows major adjacency bonuses for adjacent Wonders.

Apocalypse Game Mode

Reduced volcanic activity.
Reduced frequency of Aid Requests.
Added CO2 production to Soothsayer actions (50 for causing a disaster, 30 for sacrificing a unit).

Forest/Jungle Fires now remain in the burnt state longer.


Added some bias towards getting governments with lots of wild card slots.
Fixed an issue where the AI was overvaluing bonuses from governments for cities with governors.
Increased desire for civics that unlock new governments. Capped desire for Theology for high Faith income civs (ensures they can move on to tier 3 or 4 governments).
Various AI improvements.

Governors assigned to a City-State are now displayed in the City-States panel.
Fixed an issue that caused map selection to break.
Various UI bug fixes and polish.


Fixing balanced start positions choosing invalid placements.
Added bias for starting in the center of a continent the player does not share with other majors.


Fix crash when forming a Corps and the unit that is joining is not on the map.
Additional crash fixes.