Combat Mission : J-5 avant le Grand tournoi

Matrix a récemment annoncé, dans le cadre de l’événement Home of Wargamers 2023, un Grand tournoi pour Combat Mission. Une initiative qui pourrait intéresser les amateurs du jeu et de compétition, voire les curieux. Et surtout initiative qui pour les connaisseurs devrait donner lieu à de belles parties entre joueurs confirmés.

Les trois jeux concernés sont Combat Mission : Battle of Normandy, CM Cold War et CM Red Thunder, pour lesquels il y aura trois rounds, donc trois scénarios différents proposés. Voyez par exemple cette nouvelle vidéo présentant le scénario Dawn Patrol pour CM Red Thunder (utilisez les sous-titres avec traduction automatique si besoin). Ou cette longue vidéo sur Twitch pour le scénario Valley of Ashes, pour CM Cold War.

Voilà en tous cas une animation qui devrait permettre de (re)découvrir différents titres de cetet série qui reste une référence incontournable.

Pour plus d’informations sur Combat Mission – Red Thunder et ses DLC, voyez cette page chez Battlefront, celle-ci chez Matrix Games, et cette fiche sur Steam.

A lire également notre article Combat Mission – Red Thunder : AAR Tankovye Desant.

Pour plus d’informations sur Combat Mission – Battle for Normandy, voyez cette fiche sur Steam et celle-ci chez Matrix Games, puis dans nos archives, par exemple nos articles  Combat Mission – Battle for Normandy : présentation du Vehicle Pack et Combat Mission Normandy – Commonwealth Forces : Les Britanniques en Normandie.

Pour plus d’informations sur Combat Mission – Cold War, voyez cette page chez Battlefront. Ou celle-ci chez l’éditeur. Ou celle-ci sur Steam. Ainsi que notre article Combat Mission – Cold War : un bouillant trio pour une guerre froide. Et ce récit de partie : Combat Mission – Cold War : AAR A Beautiful Morning (1).



Red Thunder Grand Tournament – Round 1 “Dawn Patrol”

The Grand Tournament for Combat Mission was announced last week, and yesterday we also streamed Cold War, where we featured the mission you’ll face in the first round. But that is not all, as today we will have another video full of tips and tricks for all of you that have registered to fight in the Red Thunder Tournament.

“Usually Hapless” showcases the first scenario, “Dawn Patrol”, the battle sees reinforced Soviet Infantry company probes the German lines.

During the video you’ll see the scenario, situation, terrain, ORBATs, capabilities, strengths, weaknesses and multiple courses of action for each side.

Last but not least, if you haven’t done yet, register for the Grand Tournament here.


Combat Mission – Grand Tournament announcement

To celebrate Home of Wargamers, we are really excited to announce the first Combat Mission Grand Tournament.
The tournament will start on September 25th at 10.00 GMT.

Join the Combat Mission Grand Tournament here.

The tournament will feature 3 titles of the Combat Mission series: Battle of Normandy, Cold War and Red Thunder. Every game will have 3 rounds with 3 different scenarios:

Combat Mission – Battle of Normandy
Round 1 – Buying the Farm
– Elements of the 29th Infantry Division advancing near Isigny. Allied attack.
Round 2 – Barkman’s Corner
– 27th of July Barkman’s Panther was repaired during the night but before he could link up with main unit PanzerGrenadiere asked for his help.
Round 3 – No Exit
– Fictional Company-level meeting engagement near an Autobahn interchange in Summer ‘45.

Combat Mission – Cold War
Round 1 – Valley of Ashes
– US vs Soviet meeting engagement at dawn.
Round 2 – Recover and Attack
– M1 tank recovery. US attack.
Round 3 – Civil War Within – 1080
– There has been an underground movement in Ukraine to break away from the Soviet Union, but it’s out in the open now, and it has led to war.

Combat Mission – Red Thunder
Round 1 – Dawn Patrol
– Reinforced Soviet Infantry company probes the German lines. Allied Probe.
Round 2 – Delaying Action at Ogledow
– Armored action on the west bank of Vistula. Allied attack.
Round 3 – Where Forefathers Fought
– Guards Rifle Battalion, accompanied by tank, attacks weakened German battalion in the village. Allied attack.

To make the Combat Mission – Grand Tournament the most engaging experience possible, we will share, for every round, valuable resources that will help players to plan the perfect strategy. These include: insightful editorials by Mark Goddard, military Officer, history enthusiast and wargaming expert, that explain the historical context of some of the key battles to gain a deeper understanding of their strategic significance; strategic videos by Usually Hapless, where he guides players through optimal strategies for tackling each round; live stream sessions with Gamer_1745 where he recreates one of the maps from each round.

To take part in the Combat Mission – Grand Tournament, players do not have to participate in all the 3 tournaments in the 3 different titles. For example, a player can decide to play just the tournament on Combat Mission – Cold War and still have the possibility to be one of the winners of the Grand Tournament.

As a matter of fact, for every tournament, the top 4 players will be drafted for a Combat Mission – Invitational Grand Tournament starting later this year.
If one or more players will be in more than one top 4, the following player will be drafted based on the ranking of the tournament where the player has the lower position. For example, if a player arrives 1st in the Combat Mission – Battle of Normandy and 4th in the Combat Mission – Red Thunder, the player who has arrived 5th in the Combat Mission – Red Thunder will be drafted for the Combat Mission – Invitational Grand Tournament.

Before joining the tournament, please take a moment and carefully read these instructions that are specific to all Combat Mission Tournaments:

– Because of the way that Combat Mission’s original “play by email” system works, both game files have an in-game field for password protection of the file. This field should be left blank. For the US side the password has been selected before the battles were sent and that field is to be left blank. You can use a password for the Russian side but it isn’t needed because the Tournament feature handles protection from cheating without using the in-game system.
– The Tournament will have you playing 2 individual battles where you are playing both sides of the same battle. If you get into the game before your opponent, you will see 1 game turn to play. If your opponent has gotten there first then you will see 2 turn files and each turn thereafter should have 2 files.
– Once a tournament begins, you will receive the files in the “Saved Game and PBEM” drop menu under Automated PBEM++ In Progress. You will receive email notifications when your opponent has sent you turns.
– You will need a Matrix username and password to play any tournament (or PBEM++ battle). If you don’t have one already, you can get one here.


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