Combat Mission : patch pour la version 4

Battlefront a mis en ligne ce mois-ci une nouvelle mise à jour pour les jeux Combat Mission utilisant le Game Engine 4. Soit tous les titres sauf CM Shock Force 2 et Afghanistan. En théorie le patch améliore l’IA pour ce qui est des réactions des soldats en ce qui concerne les explosions, puis corrige différents défauts du jeu comme indiqué dans le changelog ci-après.

Concernant les futurs titres de la série, il semble que le studio finalise Rome to Victory, la seconde extension pour CM Fortress Italy, puis prépare toujours un premier module pour CM Red Thunder. D’autres projets non annoncés seraient aussi en cours d’élaboration, comme des packs, probablement pour des scénarios et / ou unités supplémentaires pour certains titres.

Vous trouverez les fichiers nécessaires directement sur cette page chez l’éditeur.

Pour plus d’informations sur Combat Mission – Fortress Italy, voyez le site officiel. A lire également notre Test de Combat Mission : Fortress Italy ainsi que celui de Combat Mission – Gustav Line.



Patches for the 4.0 Upgrades are now available

The highly anticipated patch for the 4.0 Upgrade is now available for Combat Mission games Battle for Normandy, Red Thunder, Fortress Italy, Final Blitzkrieg and Black Sea patches are all available for download.

This patch is only required if you have these titles installed with Game Engine 4.

I will add more detail about the patch soon. For now, we wanted to get this to you as soon as possible!


TO&E and Formations

* Luftwaffe Jäger Battalion short of platoons

* QB force selection US infantry the FO appears with the label “Glider”

* British QB infantry-only Motor Battalion corrupted

* Sturmartillerie Brigade Begleitgrenadier armament

* Incorrect Stens in CMFI replaced with Thompsons

* Use of SVTs now radically reduced in some cases (CMRT)

*Ammo load outs for vehicles in CMFI corrected

Bug Fixes

* FIXED: Units are suppressed by small arms fire outside of range and directed 180 degrees away from them

* FIXED: MG42 LMG is 258% more lethal than the Bren LMG and the B.A.R.

* FIXED: Poor accuracy of SPG-9 and enormous PG-9 HEAT ammo dispersion

*FIXED: SPG-9 deployment/pack time too big

*FIXED: SPG-9 OG-9 HE ammo has incorrect (reduced) firing range

*FIXED: US antitank teams always fire AT4 before using Javelin

*FIXED: Unit Exit Bug in PBEM mode

*FIXED: Major changes to the TacAI to better handle the use of cover when under heavy fire

*FIXED: Units placement on the bridge bug

*FIXED Soldier pathing badly off course

*FIXED: Fixes from various different game releases consolidated and combined to be the same for all games

* FIXED: Various crashes and other small bugs fixed

Art/Model Fixes

* M4A3 Sherman 105 (early) model issues corrected

* M4A3 Sherman 105 (Mid) LOD issue

* Small fix for Valentine turret

* SPW 250/3 (Neu) distorted / wrong machine gun texture

* Crewman’s head pokes through hull when unbuttoning JpzIV

* .30 cal MG firing location offset from the firer


Derniers tests