Command Live – Black Gold Blitz : premières images

Matrix a dévoilé il y a peu une première série de captures d’écrans pour présenter le septième volet de cette série de petites extensions thématiques de Command Modern Air Naval Operations. DLC qui proposera cette fois d’explorer un potentiel conflit entre Iran et Arabie Saoudite, guerre asymétrique ayant pour toile de fond le pétrole et les nombreuses installations se trouvant dans le golfe Persique.

Pour plus d’informations sur Command LIVE: Black Gold Blitz, qui devrait sortir le 7 novembre prochain, voyez cette fiche chez l’éditeur.

A lire également notre article Command – Live : AAR Old Grudges Never Die. Puis concernant le jeu de base et sa précédente extension Northern Inferno, reportez-vous à notre test de Command – Modern Air Naval Operations, à notre AAR Opening Moves, ou encore à cette fiche chez l’éditeur ou à celle-ci sur Steam.


Command LIVE new episode! Black Gold Blitz is announced!

The conflict that sees Saudi Arabia facing Iran explodes once again. One of the Iran’s marine ships returns fire after it has been attacked by a Saudi force.

While both sides refuse to take responsibility for what happened and the truth will never be known, the situation goes out of control when the Iran decides to retaliate against the Saudi Arabia for its behaviour.

Both nations’ weaponry, military and navy forces have advanced considerably during the last few years, and both sides’ objectives are clear: to strike at the enemy’s economic heart, the oil infrastructures.

The rest of the world can only stand by and watch as the war arises.

Command LIVE: Black Gold Blitz is the latest expansion of the Command series that will bring you in the Middle East, for one of the bloodiest battles of modern times.

This November, the 7th you will have to choose one side and lead it to victory!

– Playable as Saudi Arabia or Iran.
– Asymmetric warfare, matching a large fleet of advanced aircraft against an enemy weaker in that field but strong in ballistic missiles and unconventional operations.
– Both offense and defense must be considered. Knowing how to balance defending your own oil infrastructure while destroying that of your enemies is essential for victory.
– Special operations that are both risky and possibly lucrative.
– A large target set consisting of everything from derricks and pipeline segments to valuable refineries.
– A wide range of playable units that range from cutting-edge aircraft such as the Eurofighter Typhoon and F-15SA to Cold War classics like the Tornado, F-4 Phantom, and F-14 Tomcat.
– Coordinate units based on the length of two gigantic countries.


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