En route vers la mer de Chine méridionale ! Slitherine vient de dévoiler le thème du prochain épisode de la série Command Live, dont nous vous reparlerons prochainement, via une série de captures d’écrans illustrant de potentiels affrontements dans le secteur des îles Spratleys, archipel d’îles coralliennes riches en ressources que se disputent plusieurs pays, la Chine évidemment, mais aussi par exemple le Vietnam, ou encore les Philippines.

La sortie de Command LIVE: Spratly Spat est prévue le 20 septembre prochain. En plus de la fiche du jeu, à lire aussi en complément d’ici là le journal récapitulant le contexte de ce scénario (cf image ci-dessous, lien direct, PDF).



Command LIVE moves Far East! Spratly Spat announced!

The South China Sea is an area where the economic and geopolitical struggles bubble just covered under the surface. Numerous low-intensity conflicts have erupted over the years, and many countries have tried to extend their territorial claims over key islands and atolls.

In particular, domain over the Spratly Islands have been strongly disputed by China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Philippines and other nations. The large reserves of oil and the huge volume of maritime traffic make this area crucial to the regions balance of power.

China, the strongest player in this delicate game, has recently strengthen her sea power, deploying her first aircraft carrier – the PLAN Liaoning – with the clear intent to achieve definitive military superiority, dissuading her rivals from direct military action.

However this deployment itself has disrupted the balance of power. Could it lead to an escalation that ends with open conflict for regional supremacy?

Command LIVE: Spratly Spat, the third installment in the ambitious Command LIVE series, will explore this fictional – although perfectly credible –  situation!

A full analysis of the situation has been dispatched and it is already available!

Stay tuned! Command Live: Spratly Spat will be released on September, 20th!

Get more information about the game from its official product page!

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