Command Live – The King of the Border : trailer

Slitherine diffuse une sympathique vidéo présentant le nouvel épisode de la série Command Live, qui se consacre cette fois à un hypothétique dérapage de la crise perdurant au Vénézuela. Le chaos y ayant pris pied menace de s’étendre à la région dans son entier, poussant la Russie à vouloir intervenir pour sauver le pays et même à s’interposer pour le protéger de la Colombie voisine, qui menacerait depuis qu’elle a rejoint l’OTAN, bien qu’elle accueille la population vénézuélienne fuyant par milliers son pays d’origine.

Pour plus d’informations sur Command LIVE: The King of the Border, voyez cette fiche chez l’éditeur ou celle-ci sur Steam.

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Command LIVE: The King of the Border is out

The United States and its ally Colombia have declared that they will retaliate against any treat coming from the “murderous regime of Caracas” supported by Moscow.

After heavy fights occurred in two border towns, where soldiers wearing Venezuelan uniforms have stormed, Bogotà is quickly requesting support from the United States, worried that the Russian presence in the island of La Orchila would greatly impede any major action against Venezuela without escalating the conflict.

Are we witnessing the end of the Monroe Doctrine or will the USA intervene to prevent a new Syria-style crisis at their “courtyard?”


– Playable as Russia or Usa.
– The new Cold War of the Third Millennium moves quickly in South America.
– Choose which side to stay, and defend your Allied,deployed on the side of Colombia or Venezuela.
– Support your allies in hot spots like the two cities on the border,their airports and facilities.
– Try to defend yourself from the enemy attack from the navy the air force and the army.
– Intense air battles with 4 nations involved F-15, F-16, F-18, Mig-29, Su-33 and many others.
– Tough fight by sea,take control of the sea fighting against the most deadly Russian carriers or with the majestic Ronald Reagan..this carefully using your submarines.
– Defend the main cities on the border with mech and Inf, use your artillery to plan every single shot.
– Plays the events that have happened recently,the historic tension between these two nations on the border is now at its peak,russia sending two bombers to the Venezuelan Orchila Airbase
– Attack or Defend the island of Orchila,destroy the two Russian nuclear bombers Tu-160 BlackJack and the the present structures.
– Pay attention to the Cuban airspace
– Americans are not welcome…
– Plan every single move, from choosing armaments to refueling for your units
– Each side has its own technological or logistical weakness and strength