Command – Modern Operations : anniversaire, nomination et screenshots pour Operation Desert Falcon

La série Command fête actuellement son dixième anniversaire. Une belle étape pour cette simulation très pointue qui permet de reproduire fidèlement des opérations militaires historiques ou hypothétiques. Depuis la sortie en septembre 2013 de Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations, le jeu a bénéficié d’un suivi très régulier, et a évolué en 2019 en une nouvelle version, intitulée Command: Modern Operations. En parallèle une version encore plus pointue du programme a aussi été proposée depuis 2017 aux professionnels de la Défense. Voyez le communiqué ci-après pour quelques précisions supplémentaires.

Le prochain module annoncé par Matrix Games lors de l’événement Home of Wargamers 2023 (voir ce récapitulatif) proposera de découvrir ce qu’il pourrait arriver dans la perspective d’un coup d’état au Tchad en 2027. Un sujet qui ne manquera pas actuellement d’intriguer, le jeu permettant de visualiser sur nos écrans la complexité des opérations entre autres aériennes et le rôle par exemple du Rafale.

Enfin sachez que le succès de la série lui a valu il y a peu une nomination aux prestigieux Prix TIGA 2023, dans la catégorie Jeu éducatif, sérieux ou de simulation, récompenses décernées en Angleterre chaque année dans l’industrie du jeu.

Pour plus d’informations sur Command: Showcase – Operation Desert Falcon, (MàJ) prévu en théorie le 10 octobre prochain, voyez cette page sur Steam ou celle-ci chez Matrix. Concernant Command – Modern Operations, voyez cette fiche chez l’éditeur ou celle-là sur Steam.

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A decade of military simulation achievements celebrating Command’s 10th Anniversary

Ten years ago, on September 24, 2013 Matrix Games released Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations, the universal military simulator designed to faithfully replicate every logistical and combat aspect of modern air and naval battlefields. In 2019, the simulator was updated to the new version, Command: Modern Operations, which includes numerous improvements and the ability to engage in conflicts on land as well.

Over the past few years, countless additional scenarios for Command: Modern Operations have been published, covering events from the recent past and hypothetical futures. For example, the DLC Showcase Ford Class focuses on the hypothetical engagement of the USS Ford aircraft carrier strike group in the seas off a war-torn Angola. Falklands reenacts the key phases of the eponymous 1982 conflict. The Command Live series encompasses specific scenarios such as a hypothetical crisis between Europe and Russia in the aftermath of Brexit, or a hypothetical conflict between India and Pakistan. This series of scenarios is continuously expanding, with the upcoming addition of the Showcase Desert Falcon scenario on October 10th, set in a hypothetical coup in Chad in 2027.

The success of Command: Modern Operations has been recognized over the years by critics and players. Just recently, the simulator was nominated for the prestigious British TIGA 2023 award in the “Educational, Serious or Simulation Game” category.

Command: Professional Edition

Since 2017, Matrix Games has ventured into the professional market with Command: Professional Edition, a version tailored for defence organisations and contractors.

These organizations and entities utilize Command: Professional Edition for training operators and officers in planning and decision-making, examining logistics and conducting in-depth operational planning, analyzing the outcomes of tactical and strategic scenarios, and concept development studying the effect of planning and equipìment in any kind of engagement. They also use Command to guide future technology investment, platform design and force composition, as a training space for AI systems and even in Info operations to fight Chinese propaganda. The Professional version allows for the editing of every parameter in a scenario, from hard factors like platform data, to soft factors like rules of engagement and doctrine. This is combined with extremely detailed outputs that let you track every event that occurs in the simulation from sensor detections to weapons engagements and logistics.

It is the only professional simulation software capable of processing all domain warfare faster than real time, anywhere on the globe. Its database includes nearly every front line aircraft, ship, sub, sensors and weapon for every country in the world and lets you run engagements from the tactical to operational scale.

To date, Command: Professional Edition is used by over 150 defence organisations across 23 countries including the U.S. Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps; UK DSTL, RAAF, Luftwaffe, as well as contractors like Boeing, BAE, and Lockheed Martin

Last week, from September 18 to 23, the annual Command User Event (CUE) was held in Rome at the prestigious Casa dell’Aviatore. The event saw the participation of hundreds of professionals, high-ranking officers, and industry operators who discussed the uses of Command Professional Edition. In addition to testimonies from operators who use the simulator daily, CUE featured high-profile conferences with speakers such as Colonel (Ret.) Tim Barrick, Director of Wargaming at Krulak Center for Innovation & Future Warfare, Analyst Jaime Etherton from UK DSTL, and Dr. Pei-Shiue Hsieh from the Institute for National Defense and Security Research (Taiwan).

Command: Modern Operations Steam Page

More on Command: Professional Edition

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What happened at Home of Wargamers?

Earlier today we hosted our new Home of Wargamers live stream on Twitch. During our event, we shared exciting news, developer interviews, and showcased a series of new expansions and in-development updates for some of our major titles, including details on the upcoming Modern Naval Warfare and Command: Showcase – Operation Desert Falcon.

To celebrate Home of Wargamers, two of Matrix Games’ titles welcomed a release today: Combat Mission added Combat Mission Fortress Italy to its sprawling franchise on Steam, including all DLCs now being available, while the turn-based tactics game Valor & Victory launched its latest expansion, Valor & Victory: Kursk.

Command: Showcase – Operation Desert Falcon announced

A new Showcase for Command was announced. Operation Desert Falcon will put the player in command of a French air forces tasked with protecting civilians sheltering at a distant airfield in Chad. After an anti-French coup brought radical anti-western militants to power players will need to coordinate aerial refuelling, destroy military units targeting the airfield, and evacuate civilians in a scenario that demands nothing less than perfect execution. Operation Desert Falcon will be released the first week of October.


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