Days of Villainy, nouveau DLC pour Lock ‘n Load Tactical Digital

En bref. Un troisième module vient d’arriver aujourd’hui pour la version digitale de Lock ‘n Load Tactical. Extension qui propose cette fois de simuler les combats ayant eu lieu en 2011 durant la guerre civile en Lybie entre l’opposition, le NTC, et les forces loyalistes du gouvernement du colonel Kadhafi.

Ce que le jeu retranscrit au travers de quatre scénarios :

Days of Villainy

  • Hold or Die: An armored column of Loyalist forces attempted to retake the vital oil hub of Marsa al-Brega, on the road to Benghazi. A tough fight was ahead of them, and the sun was setting.
  • On the Road to Sirte: A convoy of NTC rebels and Al-Saiqa commandos tasked with delivering ammunition to Harawa was ambushed by a small force of Loyalists. Despite the initial blasts of roadside mines, the remnants of the convoy had to push through.
  • Assault on Bab Al-Aziziya: In late August, NTC rebels entered Tripoli. Many neighborhoods were easily taken, but the Bab Al Aziziya compound, a symbol of Gaddafi’s contemptible regime, was still intact. The compound had become a fortress that had to be taken. An American Predator drone identified a Loyalist convoy leaving the city of On October 20th, 2011
  • Game Over: pro-Gaddafi stronghold of Sirte. The drone and French aircraft in the area attacked the convoy, and NTC rebels in the sector closed in on the commotion. Little did they know that Gaddafi was a passenger in the convoy. The stage was set for a vicious, climactic battle.

Pour plus d’informations sur Days of Villainy Pack 1, voyez cette fiche sur Steam. Ou pour la version plateau de ce module, cette page chez l’éditeur. Concernant Lock ‘n Load Tactical Digital, voyez surtout cette page sur Steam ou sinon le site de l’éditeur.



LnLT Digital – Major Update Released

This is a long update because of the new window(s) feature and it will need some explaining:
– new feature, the Prediction Window, for now, defaults to ON, with a die-icon button on the unit box, hotkey P
– the improved Hex Info window is going in this display when I finish it, it will be above ‘Movement’; if that works nicely then this whole thing will become the ‘T’ hotkey window but I want to make sure that works ok before merging them
– if an action cannot be performed, it says why not (helpful for learning the rules & restrictions, hopefully)
– this shows all the various modifiers and whatnot for the hex you are hovering over before you do the attack
– for the most part, these use the same routines as for the actual attack so finding bugs and missing modifiers should be easier now since you have all the time in the world to look things up
– we know of one missing thing with Ordnance Attacks, though, and that turrets/hulls turning for tanks, there are no modifiers shown for that because they are theoretical (since you haven’t turned yet), and that will be a little tricky to do but it’s on the list
– there can be approximately a million of these windows if you have both ord & direct weapons and are targeting a hex with a stack of units and two vehicles and there’s just a lot of stuff to show; you can click through the windows which should help a little, or use the toggling hotkey, not sure how small I can make these and still have things legible but they are scaleable
– the ‘Close Assault’ window is a little lame for now, but that is a hard thing to display since all the attacks are individual and you get to choose which one leader helps, and there might never be odds shown in that one
we have the groundwork laid for making the exact percentages able to be toggled off but I’m not sure under what, if any, circumstances that should be done… there’s no hidden information shown, after all
*other stuff:
– fixed heroes ever being able to be set Shaken (perhaps happened when unloaded from a vehicle hit by enemy fire?)
– fixed heroes not being able to enter melee (bug caused by me in May 22 version)
– fixed offboard units (that appear in certain hexes) sometimes being counted when checking stack limits in hexes
– fixed canceling a specific fire target not working
– fixed a crash on opfire on a hero generated in a hex with two SMCs already
– multiplayer: fixed selection box of hidden units from showing for units coming onto the board


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