Decisive Campaigns – Barbarossa est sorti

Matrix confirme que le troisième volet de la série Decisive Campaigns est disponible. Pour l’occasion voici une bande-annonce mettant en avant la principale nouveauté de ce wargame, à savoir une meilleure simulation de la chaine de commandement, des différentes relations entre les officiers supérieurs fonction de l’évolution de la situation, et donc des décisions à prendre pour orienter le cours de cette titanesque offensive du troisième Reich sur l’URSS en 1941.

Pour plus d’informations sur Decisive Campaigns : Barbarossa voyez cette fiche chez l’éditeur, ainsi que le blog de VR Designs. Ou encore cet aperçu du manuel du jeu.

A voir aussi la récente présentation vidéo suivante et à lire également nos précédents articles sur cette série, soit notre test de Decisive Campaigns – Case Blue ou celui de Decisive Campaigns – Blitzkrieg from Warsaw to Paris. Soit encore notre article IA-t-il un wargamer dans mon PC ? Questions à VR Designs.

Decisive Campaigns – Barbarossa est aussi disponible dans notre boutique partenaire.


People, Decisions, Command
Decisive Campaigns: Barbarossa is releasing today!

Epsom, UK – November 24, 2015.

VR Designs has been reinforced with designer Cameron Harris and the result is Decisive Campaigns: Barbarossa. A revolutionary eastern front wargame on the German invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941. It blends the latest evolution of the Decisive Campaigns hex and counter engine with deep narrative, people management and in-depth semi-randomized decision systems.

War isn’t fought by slide rules. Decisive Campaigns Barbarossa brings the people aspect of military conflict into sharp focus. Operational Command isn’t a dry, mathematical exercise but a gritty, gnarly, fight to get your point of view across in the face of opposition and competing agendas.

Releasing today, DC: Barbarossa covers the no holds barred conflagration of two dictators locked in a winner take all conflict. Play as the Germans and experience the chain of command from the inside. Fend off the demands of your superiors and corral your strong headed subordinates into working together as a coordinated team. Politics and people are just as important as the sweeping advances conducted by your Panzer Divisions.

Take the side of the Russians and be prepared to ruthlessly execute a ferocious defence. Overcome the, largely self-inflicted, limitations of the Red Army. Make the required sacrifices and ensure that examples are made of those who fail to rise to the occasion. While General Mud may save Moscow you’re there to see that back-to-the-wall fortitude and tenacity carries the day. You’ll shoot anyone who says otherwise!

Experience a truly unique experience where People, Decisions and Command form a combustible mix of challenging, exciting gameplay. Focus on what’s important and delegate the rest. Don’t be afraid to stomp down hard on toes if that’s what it takes. There’s a war to be won! But at what cost? Are you willing to cut a few ethical corners in the process?

And tonight, on November 24, 20.00 (CET), we are going to give players a sneak peak of the game on the official Twitch channel of the Slitherine Group!


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