Decisive Campaigns – Barbarossa ressort sur Steam

Bonne nouvelle pour les amateurs de bons wargames, le troisième volet de la série Decisive Campaigns, paru initialement au début de l’hiver dernier, vient d’arriver il y a quelques jours sur Steam, où d’ailleurs il bénéficie actuellement d’une réduction de -20%.

Au passage sachez aussi que le jeu est passé il y a quelques semaines en version 1.03p, mise à jour rééquilibrant divers mécanismes, améliorant les graphismes (carte et pions, voir screenshots ci-dessous) et ajoutant de nouvelles fonctionnalités, dont un original système proposant un journal de guerre dans lequel est raconté du point de vue d’un soldat le cours des principaux événements. Reportez-vous à l’annonce et au changelog ci-après pour une liste complète des nouveautés. A noter que si vous possédiez déjà le jeu, en suivant ce lien vous pouvez recevoir gratuitement une clé Steam pour l’ajouter à votre ludothèque.

Pour plus d’informations sur Decisive Campaigns – Barbarossa voyez cette fiche chez Matrix ainsi que notre Aperçu de Decisive Campaigns : Barbarossa ou encore cet AAR : 1ère partie / 2nde partie. A voir aussi éventuellement sur YouTube cette récente présentation de la dernière version du jeu.


Epsom, UK – April 29, 2016.

Awarded “Overall Digital Game of the Year” and “Digital Wargame of the Year” (Grogheads), Decisive Campaigns: Barbarossa has finally landed on Steam.

Since its release, it has been listed as one of the most groundbreaking wargames of the decade. Barbarossa brings an innovative gameplay mechanic, in which political affiliations and personal relations between the player and his superiors, and subordinates, have a strong impact during the military operations.

Decisive Campaigns: Barbarossa arrives today on Steam with a full set of improvements and upgrades.  These include a new “War Diary” feature, which gives players an insight into how their progresses and decisions reflect on the lower levels of the ranks.

It is the first time that, in a wargame, players are able to experience the trial and tribulations of a military chain command. They will have to balance and prioritize three different theatres of operations; decide whether to toe the line and support the higher ranks requests or stand for military independence with the risk of being fired. Fending off the demands of superiors and corralling the strong headed subordinates into working together as a coordinated team or make the required sacrifices and ensuring that examples are made of those who fail to rise to the occasion: it’s a tough choice to make.

Politics and people are just as important as the sweeping advances conducted by player’s army.

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Annonce patch 1.03p et changelog

Decisive Campaigns: Barbarossa has been updated to version 1.03p!

The remarkable wargame of 2015 has received a huge update, adding new features and numerous balance improvements!
The map’s artwork has been revamped, the counters have been refined (with the option to switch between NATO symbols or not), and now Germans can choose to have a “Free deployment start”!

But one of the goals of Decisive Campaigns: Barbarossa has always been to include the Human Factor alongside strategy considerations. Following this pattern, the War Diary feature has been introduced, adding a new layer of immersion! Follow the War’s events as they are narrated by a young Frontline soldier!

You can download the patch from here (direct link). Please check out the entire list of changes below

Change History:

• Army Status report fatigue tool tip made clearer
• German 110st Inf changed to 110th Inf (and a few others)
• Fatigue bands (eg. Low/Mod/High/Severe) corrected in Div report (minor bug)
• The Zhukov / Card cost issue has been fixed
• PBEM++ wrong preview settings issues fixed (fixed when challenges are made with 1.03h) (E)
• Windows 10 rendering improvements. Used to look slightly fuzzy. Should be sharp now. (E)
• Fixed first turn Soviet AI defensive penalty (normal AI) from -45% to -65% (they were transposed for the first and second turns)
• German fast Division field maintenance only occurs if unit didn’t move OR fight (previously only did not move)
• Fixed a few message typo’s.
• Fixed faulty +5 PP refund when Soviets play Defensive Posture card in a theatre where Zhukov is present and there is a Comm’s breakdown
• Helper buttons – fixed bug where buttons were disappearing when first clicked and prevented multiple uses of a button in a single turn
• Finland Border violation and Fatigue movement bugs fixed
• Changed back the smaller OFF and DEF modifiers (people didnt seem to like it)
• Hoth’s photo implemented correctly on PG tab
• Big and minimalist counters now also show divisional + same hq highlighting

Engine Changes
• War Diary implemented
• Map Graphics improved
• Auto relocate Siege Artillery back to Warsaw at game start if moved during Free Set-up
• Siege Artillery NATO symbol changed.
• Reorganised preferences tab
• Multiple different resolution options (for 1280×960 or higher)
• Added AP+RDN to select attacking units popup
• After panicking units can never have more morale remaining then basemorale. (E)
• Mouse over on unit morale now shows base morale as well. (E)
• P-key in history was performing as intended but now also changes stop/play text on button. (E)
• The history and AI replay of regular moves (non-combat) speed has been halved to be able to actually see what’s going on. (E)
• The 0-6 hotkeys now also work with keypad (if numlock switched on) (E)
• The 0 key now displays the units again when pressed for the second time. (E)
• Could not pinpoint the Korean combat detail button issue, but at least prevented the combat window from closing on any key. Now only closes with SPACE or ESC. (E)
• Free Set Up option for both sides (Pre-Start turn)
• Update ‘Tougher Soviet’ mouse over text to indicate it’s non-historical
• Ranks corrected, eg. Kol.Gen -> Gen.Obst., MajGen -> Maj.Gen.
• Past Relationship no longer affects Soviet Difficulty rating if Germany is an AI
• Additional (-30%) Soviet AI Defensive penalties on Easy Mode (for duration of game)
• Siege artillery reverts to travelling on ALL rail for Decisions OFF and Easy mode (all else is German rail only). Also in Easy mode the effect is to reduce entrenchment levels to zero (down to 100 for all else)
• Finnish units base colour changed to a darker blue
• Commanders Report – Supply added

• The Soviet AI no longer receives a small extra AI bonus during the German Human turn. This should making winning against the AI on normal at bit less difficult.
• New Combat calculation check: Reduced Chance Panic Check is now done if losses+retreats are above base morale of unit troops.
NOTE: Chances are not huge, but you’ll be taking a risk when putting retreat standing order above the base morale of the unit. Chance for a reduced chance panic increases with the difference between morale and base morale getting smaller. This makes it harder for the Germans as they can get stellar morale units in early mid-game.
• Siege Artillery restricted to German gauge rail
• Siege artillery base delay % now increased by a small amount (round # / 3) to represent the increasing inability of the converted rail to handle very heavy trains
• Siege Artillery now reduces entrenchment levels to 100 (halved), rather than 0
NOTE: Siege artillery was overpowered and has been place on a more realistic footing. It’s still very useful but no longer a silver bullet.
• Minor city Ports no longer access seaborne supply. Units cut-off in grey dot port cities will be treated as any other cut-off units. Units in red dot major cities will continue to receive seaborne supply as will any nearby units in the pocket.
• Sevastopol now a Major City (Major Garrison, Threat increase if lost, 5 VP)
NOTE: Sevastopol has increased in importance not only from extra VP (and Paranoia increase if lost) but it also provides bonus PP’s while held (see below)
• Soviet Retreat % locked at 50% (normal) for first active German turn only in order to prevent a Soviet Player exploit (changing all to 100%)
• Initial Soviet Blitzkrieg and Entrenchment penalties no longer apply to Soviet units situated in the Finnish, Romanian and Hungarian border region.
• Soviet units on the Romanian & Hungarian border regions commence with a Neutral posture (previously offensive)
• Soviet adverse terrain bonuses (forest and marsh hexes) no longer apply to Soviet units in the Finnish border region
NOTE: The Romanian/Hungarian frontier is no longer the walk over it was before. Both this and the Finnish frontier are immune from the big early turn Soviet penalties as they were a lot better situated when the campaign commenced. On the other hand the Soviets no longer gain a forest/marsh bonus against the Finns as they were equally competent, if not more so, in fighting in this terrain.
• Soviet units that did NOT activate no receive 50 AP (previously 40 AP)
NOTE: The extra 10 AP should allow the 12th Soviet Army in the Southern Front (and a few others) to retreat across rivers.
• Leningrad, if unable to trace route to Murmanks (hex 41,0, northern rail line) or Gorki, will have it’s per turn supply amount reduced to 200 (was 20,000)
NOTE: A cut off Leningrad still retains a small amount of supply as it’s assumed to have it’s own limited resources but it’s only enough for a small force.
• Zhukov’s presence at a Front (any HQ) lowers cost of Def Posture card for that Front by -5 PP (no effect if he is at STAVKA or travelling)
• Soviet Reinforcements will arrive configured to a Defensive Posture (previously Neutral) if the objective city in that Front is under threat
NOTE: Two big changes here to enable the Soviets to better defend their objectives. Once the Germans get close enough reinforcements will automatically turn up in a
defensive posture (desperate times require desperate measures) and Zhukov now has the ability to lower the cost in whatever front he is in. The Combat bonus differential between a Soviet Division set to Offensive posture and Defensive is 60%.
• Soviets gain bonus PP’s for each Strategic city held beyond a certain point (see Staff report rd 3+). Cities generating PP’s are shown with their name in Yellow
NOTE: The idea here is to provide the Soviets with additional PP’s (not a lot but enough to make a difference) which is handed out if they can manage to hold strategic cities past a certain point (shown both in the Daily Staff Log from round 3 onwards and visually by the city having it’s name displayed in Yellow).
• Soviet ‘No Retreat’ card initial cost changed to 0 PP (was 5 PP).
NOTE: Major Garrisons have greatly increased in value with the changes to Siege Artillery. The cost of the first one is now free (+5 PP for each additional one).
• Soviet Player gains pre-set fortifications at game start at Leningrad & Moscow.
NOTE: These represent a small number of preset fortifications that the Soviet player would normally build. It frees up the Garrison card for alternative fortification strategies.
• German Starting Fuel Bonus lowered a touch (-1k bbls) in each theatre.
• ‘Tougher Soviets’ option added (all Soviet Reinforcements +5 XP), Diff +15
NOTE: This is a straight difficulty increase aimed at PBEM players.
• A number of German Commander Reports added to highlight problems.
NOTE: There are five reports displaying, for example, the Divisions with the highest fatigue levels by theatre. They represent the situation at the start of each turn and aim to help the German Player identify problem areas without having to ask each Division to report status.


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