Desert Fox, prochain DLC pour Unity of Command II

En bref. Une extension est en vue pour ce sympathique wargame, add-on dans lequel ont jouera les forces de l’Axe menée par Rommel. Ce DLC proposera une campagne historique (1941-43) et plus de 25 scénarios se déroulant en Afrique du Nord, en Afrique de l’Est, en Méditerranée et au Moyen-Orient.

Par exemple comme celui représentant l’opération Herkules, hypothétique attaque aérienne et maritime prévue sur Malte par les italiens et les allemands en 42 pour neutraliser la base aérienne et navale britannique, et rétablir le ravitaillement à travers la Méditerranée.

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Unity of Command II - Desert Fox - Scenario chart
Arborescence des scénarios.


Desert Fox DLC for Unity of Command II will be out on the 8th of December

After leading the allied forces in the Mediterranean in Desert Rats, it’s now time to turn coat and take command of the Afrika Korps led by Gen. Erwin Rommel!

Desert Fox, the new DLC for Unity of Command II, will be OUT on Steam on the 8th of December. And you can get a key to play it.

Are you ready to get in the boots of one of the most iconic commanders of WWII?

Stop the Allies onslaught in Africa, now!

March 1941. Italy’s imperial ambitions are in tatters. Her armies in Greece and Libya are shattered, her navy humiliated at Taranto and Cape Matapan, and her colonies in East Africa on the brink of surrender. Against all odds, the Allies hold the initiative in the Mediterranean.

Germany has big plans for 1941, and they don’t include a Mediterranean diversion. Still, Italy cannot be allowed to fail entirely. The Wehrmacht hurriedly sets about conquering Greece, and shoring up Italian defences in Libya with a small mechanized force.

Key Features of the Desert Fox DLC

25+ Axis scenarios in North Africa, East Africa, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East
Historical 1941-43 Axis campaign, plus two separate alt-history tracks
Beautiful new Savoia-Marchetti SM.82 airplane and Littorio-class battleship models
A new Fliegerführer Afrika card
A brand new music track from Bruno Babic

New Protagonists!

Its name: the Afrika Korps. Its leader: Gen. Erwin Rommel.

Axis forces in North Africa are a curious mix: the Afrika Korps was an elite and highly agile force, while the more numerous Italian divisions supporting it were often brave but poorly-led and not equipped for mobile warfare.

Defeating the British here will require utmost skill making the most of inadequate supplies and forces of mixed quality.

And a quick example of this DLC not being only about desert fights…

Operation Herkules

July 1942,

After effectively neutralizing Malta’s offensive capabilities from the air, the Germans and Italians decide to launch operation ‘Herkules’. The aim is to capture the Island with amphibious and airborne forces, thus ensuring that it will never again pose a threat to the Axis sea-lanes in the Mediterranean.

The enemy is dispersed without many heavy weapons, but even so, Malta’s defenses and fortifications remain formidable.

You have substantial naval and aerial support – utilize this to gain a foothold on the island. The capture of the airfields and the port in Mersaxlokk should then be your first priority. Once these are secured head for Valletta itself; losing control of the ‘Grand Harbor’ should be enough to convince the Island’s defenders to capitulate.


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