Accueil Actus Desert War 1940-1942 : premières images

Desert War 1940-1942 : premières images

Matrix vient de dévoiler quelques captures d’écrans pour ce futur wargame sur le thème des deux premières années de la guerre du désert. Épisode majeur de 39-45 que l’on découvrira ici au travers de douze scénarios, allant donc de l’invasion de l’Égypte par les italiens à la défaite de Rommel à El-Alamein.

Pour plus d’informations sur Desert War 1940-1942, dont la date de sortie n’a pas été communiquée, voyez cette page chez l’éditeur.


Are you ready for the Desert War?
[North Africa] was the only theatre where the principles of motorized and tank warfare, as they had been taught theoretically before the war, could be applied to the full-and further developed. It was the only theatre where the pure tank battle between major formations was fought.” — Field Marshall Erwin Rommel

Matrix Games is very proud to announce a new wargame is in the making, Desert War 1940 – 1942!

Take the lead of the Italian-German forces or the Commonwealth and relive the key moments of the war!

In Desert War, your main concern will be the safety of your supplies! Make sure to not overstretch your lines and be prepared for enemy incursions within your perimeter!

The game employs a WEGO system that will make you plan your moves very carefully: will you wait for reinforcements, leaving the initiative to the enemy or will you try to exploit his mistakes, possibly risking your entire frontline?

The choice is yours!

Get more information about Desert War 1940 – 1942 from its official product page!

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