Distant Worlds 2 – Ikkuro and Dhayut : trailer

En bref. Slitherine diffuse une nouvelle bande-annonce pour accompagner la sortie aujourd’hui du premier DLC de Distant Worlds 2. Trailer récapitulant l’essentiel sur cet add-on ajoutant donc deux factions supplémentaires au jeu, ce qui avait été plus amplement abordé dans la récente longue présentation vidéo évoquée au début du mois et que je vous remets ci-après.

Un second DLC est aussi en chantier (avec deux nouvelles factions en théorie), qui sera suivi il semble vers la fin de l’année d’une mystérieuse importante extension. Tout cela sera en plus de différents patchs gratuits continuant d’améliorer le gameplay.

Pour plus d’informations sur Distant Worlds 2: Ikkuro and Dhayut, voyez cette fiche sur Steam ou celle-ci chez Slitherine.

Concernant Distant Worlds 2, voyez cette page chez l’éditeur ou celle-ci sur Steam. Pour le précédent volet de la série, voyez notre test de Distant Worlds – Universe.



Distant Worlds 2: Factions – Ikkuro & Dhayut out now

Welcome explorers,

The day has finally come. Ikkuro & Dhayut, the two new playable factions for Distant Worlds 2, have arrived in the Galaxy.

It is now your choice whether to join them, ally with them, or fight them.

The Ikkuro are focused on happiness, growth and peaceful harmony. Their self-repairing ships are a mix of technology and biology and they are able to use their understanding of the various galactic biomes as well as unique terraforming facilities to achieve unprecedented levels of habitability.

The Dhayut are master deceivers and paranoid schemers. Their fast ships bring mistrust and slavery wherever they are found as their ability to infiltrate other societies allows them to manipulate other empires in ways that others cannot hope to achieve.

Each of these new factions comes with a new unique government type, unique conditional events and their own special storyline and unique story locations, adding to the possible exploration events and to your knowledge of galactic lore. For full details on the new faction features, see our previous announcement here.

In case you have missed Erik’s stream on the two new factions of Distant Worlds 2, don’t worry. You can rewatch the stream here:

But that’s not all. Together with the DLC, we are releasing a new official update, free for all owners. We will continue to update, fix and improve the base game as time goes on, including improving the existing base game factions to have more differentiation, simliar to the new DLC factions. For those of you who want to know every detail of the update, a detailed changelog is available at this link.

While you play with the Ikkuro & Dhayut DLC, the team will be busy at work making Distant Worlds a bigger, better experience for all of you.

The Galaxy lives on.


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