Distant Worlds 2 : screenshots pour Ikkuro and Dhayut

Voici une récente petite série de captures d’écrans pour illustrer l’imminent premier DLC pour Distant Worlds 2. Au menu, deux nouvelles factions jouables, Ikkuro et Dhayut, en résumé l’une pacifique, focalisée sur la croissance et l’harmonie, l’autre fourbe et paranoïaque, cherchant à infiltrer et asservir d’autres empires. 

Un second DLC est également en chantier (avec deux factions supplémentaires en théorie), qui sera suivi au plus tard en fin d’année d’une pour le moment obscure importante extension. L’ensemble fera aussi l’objet de différents patchs gratuits continuant d’améliorer les mécanisms et le contenu du jeu.

Voilà donc de quoi bien relancer l’intérêt pour cet ambitieux 4X qui a récemment bénéficié d’un important update (voir cette brève).

Pour plus d’informations sur Distant Worlds 2: Ikkuro and Dhayut, disponible le 16 mars prochain, voyez cette fiche sur Steam ou celle-ci chez Slitherine.

Concernant Distant Worlds 2, voyez cette page chez l’éditeur ou celle-ci sur Steam. Pour le précédent volet de la série, voyez notre test de Distant Worlds – Universe.



Distant Worlds 2 – Ikkuro & Dhayut DLC out on March 16th

Welcome back explorers,

To celebrate the first anniversary of Distant Worlds 2, we are excited to announce that Ikkuro & Dhayut, the first DLC of Distant Worlds 2, will be released on March 16th.

The Galaxy expands and for the first time since the release of Distant Worlds 2, two new playable factions are joining the game: the peaceful Ikkuro and the devious Dhayut!

The Ikkuro are focused on happiness, growth and harmony. Their self-repairing ships are a mix of technology and biology and they are able to use their understanding of the various galactic biomes as well as unique terraforming facilities to achieve unprecedented levels of habitability.

The Dhayut are master deceivers and paranoid schemers. Their fast ships bring mistrust and slavery wherever they are found as their ability to infiltrate other societies allows them to manipulate other empires in ways that others cannot hope to achieve.

Each of these new factions also comes with their own special storyline and unique story locations, adding to the possible exploration events and to your knowledge of galactic lore.

Ikkuro Unique Features

– Harmonious Utopia Government focuses on happiness and increases immigration, recreation and medical capabiltiies
– Bonuses to Damage Control, Plague Curing and Troop Recovery
– Consensus Diplomacy means they are slower to agree to treaties, but value long-term relationships more
– No access to Bombardment weapons
– Biome Shaping facilities replace the default Terraforming Facilities
– SF27 Organic Hull (best self-repair of all ships), Fusion Beams (increased rate of fire beam weapons), Splinter Pods (longer range assault pods)
– Larger Colony Ships
– Special exclusive Leader and Ambassador traits focused on happiness, diplomacy and growth
– Special conditional events Respect for Life, Secrets of Life, Protection of Life and Disharmony reward non-aggression and colonization, but punish war, bombardment and extermination
– Larger than usual Colony Ships and improved suitability across most planet types

Dhayut Unique Features

– Surveillance Oligarchy Government focuses on sensors and adds a unique Internal Stabilization intelligence mission which reduces war weariness and corruption
– Bonuses to Hyperdrive Research, War Weariness and Ground Attack Strength
– Special Enslavement Control Facility improves the Slavery Population Policy
– Special Terminal Operations Center Facility improves success changes on difficult Intelligence misisons
– Access to two special Intelligence Missions: Influence Empire and Capture Base.
– – Influence Empire allows them to shift the relationship of two other empires relative to each other
– – Capture Base allows them to take control of another empire’s space station
– VelocityDrive Hyperdrive (fastest hyperdrive in the galaxy)
– Larger Monitoring Stations
– Special exclusive Leader and Spy traits focused on counter-espionage, slavery and assassination
– Special conditional events Disinformation and Network Effects mean succeeding at Deep Cover missions makes the target like the Dhayut more and succeeding at any of the more difficult Intelligence Missions gives them a bonus to other missions against that same faction for the next year
– Their paranoia leads to periodic purges of disloyal members of Dhayut society


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