Door Kickers 2 : patchs, trailer et bêta

Si vous attendiez la suite de cet original jeu de combats tactiques, qui ici prendra pour thème les forces spéciales face à des terroristes dans un pays fictif du Moyen-orient, sachez que le jeu est accessible en phase Accès anticipé depuis le mois dernier, et surtout qu’il bénéficie d’utiles mises à jour depuis.

La dernière en date ajoutant des silencieux à l’armement, un détail pratique pour des missions où doit primer la discrétion, puis un nouveau système de génération aléatorie de scénarios. En plus d’ajouter de nouvelles cartes, armes et effets sonores, ou encore de corriger divers bugs et défauts actuels du jeu.

Pour plus d’informations sur Door Kickers 2: Task Force North, dont la date d’intervention de la version finale est encore top-secrète, voyez le site du studio ou cette page sur Steam.



Door Kickers 2: Task Force North Now Available in Steam Early Access

Bucharest, Romania – 04 November, 2020 – KillHouse Games announced today that Door Kickers 2: Task Force North is now available worldwide in Steam Early Access, bringing players the best portrayal of modern Close Quarters Tactics in a video game.

Watch the Release Date Trailer:

Door Kickers 2: Task Force North, the sequel to the best* tactics games of 2014, is a top down strategy and tactics game about controlling Military Special Operation Soldiers in daring raids to capture or eliminate terrorists and dismantle a fictional terrorist network.

Building upon the gameplay formula established with the original release, the game ups the challenge with suicide bombers, RPG-toting insurgents and smarter and more believable bad guys. But up goes the player capability too, thanks to the new engine built in-house – walls can be breached to come in from unexpected directions, windows can be broken and climbed. Light machine guns will suppress the enemy while grenade launchers and Designated Marksmen provide pin-point firepower where needed.

The game currently offers handcrafted Single Missions that can be played alone or in 2-4 players co-op multiplayer, with more gameplay options to be added as development progresses.

Playing the game involves examining a high detail location blueprint and threat report, plotting the movement and action plan for each soldier at your command and supervising the execution of the plan in real time with full control to pause and change or add orders.

We are really excited to finally put the game in front of the public. Door Kickers has a great and dedicated fanbase and they have patiently (mostly) and enthusiastically (all) waited for the sequel to come out. The core of the tactics engine is there for Early Access with the US Rangers playable unit, and with player feedback and input considered we’ll start adding the more exotic gameplay elements that we have planned. and the said Dan Dimitrescu, Door Kickers’s Game Designer and Co-Founder of Killhouse Games.


About KillHouse Games

KillHouse Games are a small indie studio founded in late 2012, in Bucharest, Romania. They are made up of veterans of the local big-name game studios and are building hardcore games for the 21st century. Their first game Door Kickers has been regarded as one of the best tactics games coming out of 2014 and has sold over 1 Million copies worldwide. In 2017 they published its spinoff Door Kickers: Action Squad on PC and later consoles and mobiles.

*according to RockPaperShotgun, circa 2014

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“Silence is Golden” Update

Stealth is in!
Ranger Assaulters can now equip the ultra-cool Mp5SD, while all classes get the Suppressed M9 for those special guys that just … need to disappear. To help with planning, a new behavior switch (Go Silent / Go Loud) was added. Use the waypoints menu to toggle it on a specific spot, or the Shift+F shortcut to quickly toggle it for the entire team.

Remember, all units can go Silent, regardless of the weapon equipped.

Mission generator is in!
First (experimental) version of the new RMG is in! It can build random, realistic structures based on design guidelines. We still have lot of improvements to make and stuff to add, but it should already give you a ton of realistic looking missions! Please let us know which missions you enjoy most or if there’s any that just look completely ridiculous!

Nothing compares to handcrafted missions though, so you have 5 new custom single missions to have fun in, and there’s even some surprises for you to discover!

But wait, there’s more: all new gun sounds, and, by request, you can finally play custom maps in coop. While we don’t have Steam Workshop support yet, having the editor available won’t stop anyone from making maps, so here’s a list the fine people on our Discord have put together:

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone!

Your Devs @ KillHouse Games

patchnotes v0.7 (22 Dec 2020)
– 5 new maps
– random mission generator (work in progress)
– new weapons: Mp5A5, Mp5SD6, Suppressed M9 plus MK18 and M16A4 grenadier combos
– added switch for Go Silent / Go Loud
– all new gun sounds
– Assaulters no longer sling their primaries on the back, but keep them upfront for faster access
– custom maps can now be played in coop (if both players have them)
– various balance changes to weapons
– flimsy doors get destroyed by 40mm
– increased smoke grenade duration to 14 sec
– multiple improvements and fixes for enemy AI
– fixed enemies not taking damage when inside smoke grenades
– fixed enemy VIP surrendering at friendly VIP
– no longer freezing in place with WaitForClear while targetting a blind-firing enemy
– editor: user prefabs don’t get overwritten anymore (saved to a different file in the user documents folder)
– editor: added “show in folder” button in MapSettings popup, option to show reachable areas, fixed issues with rotation, ctrl+mwheel scales selection, new maps are added to single missions without restarting the game
– many other small fixes and improvements