Door Kickers : la version iPad est sortie

Door Kickers - iPad

Kill House Games annonce l’arrivée du sympathique et original Door Kickers sur iPad, ainsi qu’un patch 1.08 coté PC. Mise à jour qui optimise divers détails du jeu et amène principalement une compatibilité multiplateforme (PC, Mac, Linux, iOS) pour les sauvegardes, puis une campagne et deux armes supplémentaires. A noter que le développement du jeu sur PC ne va pas s’arrêter pour autant.

Pour plus d’infos sur Door Kickers voyez le site officiel, cette page sur Steam, celle-ci sur iTunes. Ou encore nos précédents articles.


New Features:

New campaign, in celebration of the iPad release.
Two new shotguns.
Tablet mode: activate the new GUI and control scheme optimized for touchscreen displays and trackpads.
Added import/export save-games capability, to share progress between different platforms (PC-Mac-Linux-iOS).
Improved path-drawing smoothness on some maps.
Increased maximum zoom-in distance.


Saved plan no longer randomly resetting when restarting a mission.
Fixed incorrect window size when sometimes running in Windows 8.1 (high-dpi scaling).
Fixed crash under certain conditions in the deploy screen.
Music is now looping after winning a mission.
Various fixes and improvements for many maps.
Issue where troopers could go through doors.
Bug where gocodes would get canceled.
Trackpad right-click emulation changed to Z (though now you should activate the Tablet mode option).
Various other improvements and fixes regarding GUI and gameplay.
Music is now streamed instead of keeping it whole in memory, which should fix some crashes on 2GB systems.
Fixed starting resolution on Windows high-dpi devices.


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