En route vers les Andes avec Railway Empire

Après le Mexique puis le Canada et les Grands lacs, Railway Empire nous emmène désormais en Amérique du sud et particulièrement du coté de la cordillère des Andes avec une mini-extension étendant un peu plus encore la carte du jeu. DLC proposant trois scénarios défiant les barons du rail en herbe d’atteindre de nouveaux sommets dans l’expansion de leur empire.

Au passage notez que le jeu de base vient de bénéficier d’une petite mise à jour supplémentaire, patch ajoutant par exemple jusqu’à cinq traits de caractères positifs et négatifs aux employés de votre compagnie ferroviaire.

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Misty Mountain Hop: Railway Empire scales new heights

Take the high road in the mountainous new DLC expansion for Railway Empire

You’ve already taken your Railway Empire far and wide, and now it’s time to go high and low! Kalypso Media is excited to announce that the next exciting adventure for Railway Empire is available now: Crossing the Andes. In this latest DLC expansion, you’ll take on new journeys in the depths of South America in the early 20th century, where a hoard of exotic new resources are ripe for the picking and plans for crossing the Andes by train are drawing attention from investors. Unforgiving mountains and relentless jungle terrains will make this challenge a tough one for even the most experienced tycoons.

New features in Crossing the Andes include a trio of new scenarios covering the early history of railway pioneers in the Andes, a brand-new ‘South America’ map for in Free Game and Sandbox modes, more than 10 new goods including llama wool and guano, 34 new cities to discover and two new engines to power you expanding network – the Kitson-Meyer (0-8-6-0) and the Garratt (2-6-0-0-6-2).
Check out all the new features in action in the brand-new trailer below:

Crossing the Andes is available now worldwide on PC, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One!

Disclaimer: Full game of Railway Empire required to play the Crossing the Andes DLC.

Free Update 1.6 – ‘Staff and character Update’ has been released!

Staff and character expansion

New feature: Character traits
Before: Every character had one specific bonus.
With update 1.6: With this expansion all characters will receive up to 5 positive and negative traits which creates more depth and variety of gameplay.

2 new staff members added:
The auctioneer can start an auction of competitors’ businesses.
The promoter helps a city to experience faster growth.
The staff screen now features a new button which allows for automatic employment of all available train personnel.


[The Great Lakes] Fixed a mission block that could occur when reaching the 8 million company value goal immediately.